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3D printed and run by a single stepper motor, this unique clock’s hands float in a hollow frame.

The changes that I made were:

- Use of a cheap 28BYJ-48 stepper motor
- New electronics based around a ATtiny1614 microprocessor
- New software

3D printing
This build uses a 28BYJ-48 stepper motor so “frame_1n.stl” and “motor_gear.stl” are replaced with “Motor Plate V1.stl” and “Motor_Gear_V1.stl” respectively.

Also “Rollers.stl” and “Spacers.stl” replace “p1.stl” and “SPACERS.stl” respectively.

Also “Button.stl” replaces “botton.stl”.

As the gears need to rotate freely, I inserted 4mm brass tubes into each of the gears (“big_gear_1” to “big_gear_3”). You can buy these brass tubes from most hobby shops.

The circuit is built around a ATtiny1614 microprocessor. As the stepper motor is unipolar, it is driven by four N-Channel MOSFETs. A 5V regulator provides power from a 7V-12V power brick.”

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