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KITT: a Line Following Robot

The purpose of this project is to develop an autonomous-line following vehicle for robotics/transport purposes. The vehicle may be used as a general robotics platform onto which other electronics may be added or explored.

KITT uses 5 IR sensors to detect the position of the line. It is driven using two geared DC motors, with a swiveling caster wheel in the front. The system is powered using 8 AA batteries.

This project was a joint effort with myself andAndrew Prata.

The robot uses commonly available components online and in school maker spaces.


- 3mm MDF Board
- 18x M3 6mm Bolts
- 4x 30mm M3 Standoffs
- 5x 20mm M3 Standoffs
- 4x M3 Nuts
- Caster Wheel


- Arduino Nano
- H-Bridge
- 2x BO Motors w/ Wheels
- 5x TCRT5000 IR Sensors
- Breadboard
- 4x AA Batteries w/ Holder
- Jumper Wires
- 8” Neopixel Strip (Optional)


- Hot Glue Gun
- Pliers
- Laser Cutter
- Soldering Iron (If electronics do not have headers preinstalled)


- Arduino IDE/PlatformIO”

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