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Autonomous Robot Racer: Scratch Mode

In this project, you’ll learn how to make an autonomous wall-detecting robot. This robot uses an Arduino Nano and Scratch to avoid walls and race around the track. The Tompkins County Public Library uses this robot to hold weekly robot racing events. This is one of several autonomous robot racers developed at TCPL. More robot Instructables coming soon!


Laser Cut Files:

- Chassis
- Wheels

3D File:
- Breaks
- Motor Clips

Electronics and Other Parts:
- 9V Battery Case with Switch
- L298N Motor Driver
- DC Motors with Gearbox
- Breadboard
- Breadboard wires
- Arduino Nano
- IR Obstacle Avoidance Sensors
- M3 nuts and bolts
- Size #64 rubberbands
- Rechargeable 9v battery
- 12 x 12 plywood
- Electrical Tape

- Wire stripper
- Plastic nippers
- Hot glue gun
- Phillips head screwdriver
- USB 2.0 cable”

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