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433 MHz Radio Frequency Transmitter Extender/ Amplifier Modu

Sometimes, there is a need to extend the frequency range of your RF transmitter. This board is suitable for that task.

433MHz radio frequency transmitter modules are widely used in various wireless applications and devices. The bulk of RF transmitter and receiver modules have a typical coverage reach of less than fifty metres. Depending on the RF module’s brand and the antenna type, this RF Range Extension circuit can increase the operational range to nearly twice the conventional range.

- Two semiconductors (T1 – C2570 transistor and T2 – 2N5109 transistor),
- ¼ watt and ±5% carbon resistors (R1 – 100 Kilo ohm, R2 – 10 Kilo ohm),
- Capacitors (C1 and C3 4.7Pf ceramic disks, C2 and C4 1nf ceramic disks, C5 10uF 16V electrolytic)
- 10pf variable trimmer VC1,
- 18pf variable trimmer VC2,
- CON1-CON3 2-pin female Berg connectors
- L1 2 3 with 5V DC regulated power supply and single-strand wire antenna (30cm) or a dipole antenna)”

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