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Looking to learn how to build a compact size LED matrix for Arduino? then this article is what you are looking for.

Today, I’m thrilled to guide you through the steps to create your very own 32x8 compact LED matrix, driven by an Arduino Nano.

For a double fun, the used LEDs are purple. Let’s dive right into it!

What You’ll Need:

- Arduino Nano
- MAX7219 LED driver circuit
- 8x8 LEDs (4 matrices)
- 256 SMD LED of package size 0603
- Mezzanine connectors
- 7805 SMD voltage regulator
- Host board (Arduino Nano & LED matrices)
- Power Jack connector
- On/Off switch button
- Two SMD electrolytic capacitor 10UF 25V
- Altium Designer for board designs


- PCB Stencil
- Soldering Hot-Plate MHP30
- Solder Paste
- Tweezers”

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