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Li-ion Battery Bluetooth Scoreboard

The Project is based on my Instructables from the last year: Bluetooth Table Tennis Scoreboard

The Scoreboard is dedicated for amateur sport fans and table tennis player But it is not applicable just for table tennis. Can be used for other sports like Volleyball, Badminton and each sport which require points counting. By simple software change, software could be adopted to any maximal points value in match.

Technical principle is based on communication via Bluetooth between Table unit (unit under table) and Scoreboard itself. Two Control Boxes are mounted under table on each player side and connected by cable to Table Unit. Player after each winning point press big touch button on Control Box. According that action, score is changed on board to value plus one point..

Comparing to old project there are some substantial improvements:

Scoreboard is safety. No more main voltage 220V! Power supply consist of two Li-ion battery blocs, each with two batteries, type 18560. Table Unit remain powered by one battery Li-ion 18560.
Construction is simplified and all components are located on one larger print circuit board.
Frame is smaller and thinner, about 3.0 cm and size exactly A4.
Software is a new version with corrected errors.
Main features:

Large 7-segments display 2.3 inch

Touch control buttons

Software controlled rules according international rules for Table Tennis

Bluetooth transfer data from table to Scoreboard

Battery states indicators

Battery operating time min. 5 hours (Scoreboard), and about 12 hours for Control Panel

Control boxes under table on each player side

Table Unit mounted under table connected to two control boxes Control box with front touch button allow to add score plus one point for each player

Control box with back touch button allow correction minus one in case of mistake

Correction is accepted only for player with the last increased score value

Sound confirmation for each press of button

Different melody sound at the end of game and match

Final score is displayed 10 second after the end of match

End match activates start of a new game by entering to setting mode

Setting allow to select:

Number of games for match, preset is 3, options 4 to 9
The first serving player A or B, preset A
Change side after each game, if side is switched, displayed score on the Scoreboard is switched as well
IC1 MAX7219 Led Display driver, Led Driver
IC2, IC3 MAX394 (or MAX333 which is cheaper), 2x, Analog Switch
U1 Arduino Nano, Arduino
U2 HC-05 Wireless Bluetooth, HC-05
X1 Audio module LM386
Q1 - Q6, IRF540 N-Channel 6 x, MOSFET
TTP1 - TTP4 Sensor touch small 4x, TTP223A
LED1 -LED6, 7-segment 2.3”, 6x, Display
LED7, 7-segment 0.56”, Small display
LED8,LED9, led white 2x
LED10 led blue
LED11 led red
K3, K4 Relay TQ2-5V, 2x, Relay
R1, R2, R6, R16 Resistor 1k 4x,
R3, R4 Resistor 470 2x,
R5 Resistor 100,
R7, R8 Resistor 22k, 2x,
R9 - R14 Resistor 4k7 6x,
R15 Resistor 220,
C1, C5 Capacitor M1 2x,
C2 Capacitor 10M,
C3, C4 4700M 2x,
B1, B2 bridge or jumper,
P1 - P3, Connectors 6P 2x, 4P 1x, JST XH
Connectors for displays 2.3 inch, Pinhead
Speaker 3W
Double LI-ion Battery 2x, Holder
Li-ion batteries 4x, 3000mAh
USB connector, breakout board, C-type
Screw terminal,
Switch DPDT, Toggle
A4 frame,
Table Unit:

U1 Arduino Nano, Arduino ,

U2 HC-05 Wireless Bluetooth, HC-05
U3 Double switch,
U4 Audio module, LM386
R1 Resistor 1k,
R2, R3 Resistor 22k, 2x
C1 Capacitor 470M,
C2 Capacitor M1,
J1 Double connector, Phone
Li-ion battery, 3000mAh
Li-ion battery, Single holder
USB connector breakout board, C-type
Switch SPST,
Speaker 3W
Plastic box, Box large
Control Box:

Sensor touch large 4x, TTP223B

4 wire phone cable about 3m
phone connector 2x
Plastic box, Box small
Capacitor, resistor, screws and other small parts are available in local stores.

Required main tools:

Cordless Drill driver
Soldering iron
Screwdriver set
Cable crimping tool”

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