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This Uploader eliminates the need to remove the circuit board from the PCB or circuit board. A USB cable is not even required to upload the code. Simply wirelessly upload the code whenever you like using a laptop or a desktop.

Details for Bluetooth Module HC05
Bluetooth module HC-05 is used in this project. In addition to being inexpensive, it is also one of the most commonly used modules in many other projects. You should be able to obtain one from Amazon or with little difficulty.

A wireless code uploader for Arduino: How did I make it?
This project will be divided into two stages.

The Bluetooth module must be configured as the first step in the process.
Wireless code upload is the second step.
The circuit of the first and second parts differs by a small amount. If you use the PCB I designed, you can easily change the connection using jumpers on the PCB itself. Using jumper cables is an easy way to set this up if you are using breadboards.”

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