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My new project, the Table Tennis Scoreboard is dedicated for amateur sport`s fans and table tennis players. The Scoreboard is amazing enhancement for Table Tennis at home. Especially children like to play the games only in order “push” touch buttons. But even for adults there is big contribution. If game is interrupted, score is memorized, or serve side is memorized. Futhermore, the mistake in score counting during match is eliminated.

Scoreboard is applicable for other sports without time measuring, like Badminton, Volleyball and others. By simple software change, the maximum score count could be adopted to any values. Scoreboard with large digits 2.3 inch is mounted on visible place between players and indicate score in serves and games. Score counting is controlled by players, by touch sensors easy accessible. Each player winning the serve, touch button and score is changed in the value plus one.

Technical principle is completely new, including software. Scoreboard is communicated via Bluetooth to control boxes on playing table. MCU`s inside Scoreboard and inside Table unit are the same type, Arduino Nano. All buttons are touch sensors. They are easy to use, easy to connect and have a big advantage: debouncing is not needed. Scoreboard is mounted inside wooden frame, which could be finish to surface of other furniture at home. Front panel is made of glass, without any holes in it. The only manually driven component is power switch, accessible through hole in bottom part of frame.

Setting mode after switch on, allow to set:
- Number of the first win games in match, according agreement between players , preset is 3, options 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9
- The first serve for player A or player B
- Switch Side option, players can decide if side after each game would be changed or not
- Start game, leaving setting mode

Main features of The Scoreboard are:
- Switch Side selected, change appropriate part of display according to player position side A/B
- Rules are international Ping Rules
- Main Display consist of 7-segments LEDs, size is 2.3 inch
- Table unit contain 2 control boxes, each one easy accessible for each player
- Control box contain one button UP, to add 1 to score, and one hidden button DOWN for correction.
- Each winner serve button push is confirmed by sound
- End of game and end of match is announced by different sound sequence
- Final score remain displayed for 10 seconds at the end of match
- End of match activates start of a new game by entering to setting mode
Please be very careful. In this project, inside the Scoreboard is used as power supply, high voltage.
If you are not familiar with a risk of touching main voltage, do not attempt this construction!

Scoreboard - main board:
- IC1 MAX7219 Led Display driver, aliexpress
- IC2, IC3 MAX394 Analog switch 2 x, aliexpress
- U1 Arduino Nano, aliexpress
- U2 HC-05 Wireless Bluetooth, aliexpress
- Q1 - Q6, IRF540 N-Channel MOSFET, 6 x, ebay
- R1 - R4, R9 Resistor 470, 5 x
- R5 Resistor 1k
- R6 Resistor 2k2
- R7 Resistor 22k
- R8 Resistor 33k
- R10 - R15 Resistor 4k7 6 x
- C1 Capacitor M1
- C2 Capacitor 10M
- J1, J2 jumpers 2 x
- Connectors JST XH, aliexpress and pinhead connectors, aliexpress
Scoreboard - other parts:
- 7-segments Led display 2.3 inch 6 x, ebay
- 7-segments Led display 0.56 inch, ebay
- Led 10mm, white 2 x, red, yellow
- Touch sensor TTP223A (small version), 4 x aliexpress
- Hi Link power adapter 230V/5V DC, 2 x, aliexpress
- Power switch 230V/3A
- Power cable with main plug
- Thermistor F2, F3 72 degree C, 2 x
- Varistor, aliexpress
- Fuse F1 250mA slow, F4,F5 1A fast, 2 x
- Capacitor 4700M, 2 x
- Speaker 8 ohm, 6cm
- Amplifier module LM386, aliexpress
Table unit and control boxes:
- U1 HC-05 Wireless Bluetooth, aliexpress
- U2 Arduino Nano, aliexpress
- R1,R4 Resistor 1k, 2 x
- R2 Resistor 2k2
- R3 Resistor 22k
- C1 Capacitor 47M
- C2 Capacitor 470M
- Touch sensors TTP223B (larger version) 4 x, aliexpress
- Speaker 8 ohm, 6cm
- Amplifier module LM386, aliexpress
- Li-Ion Battery 18650
- Toggle panel switc, ebay
- Battery charger and holder Li-Ion, banggood
- JP1.JP2 jumpers 2 x or double dipswitch
- Connectors JST XH aliexpress
- USB-C connector, aliexpress
- Plastic box, aliexpress
- Plastic box, ebay 2pc
- 4 wire cable for connection Table unit to Control boxes for player A and B, about 3m
Some small parts were purchased locally, other parts are mainly from Aliexpress, ebay, Banggod and some were bought at LCSC, there is wide selection for good prices.”

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