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I created a PMOD module PCB using KiCAD, that enables connecting WS2812B lighting strips to an FPGA board with a PMOD interface. The board was assembled by JLCPCB.

This is my first project using an FPGA, I plan to soon implement an SPI interface with the FPGA, to accept colour pixels via SPI from a raspberry pi, to then drive the LEDs appropriately. I am making use of the original Zybo board which uses a Zynq FPGA, although I’m not using the ARM portion of this chip as I want to learn VHDL.

I am currently making use of BRAM to store the colour data.

I made use of the 74AHCT245 chip to convert PMOD signals from the FPGA from 3.3V logic to 5V logic. This chip is powered by the 5V supply from the WS2812B led strips.

The board will support up to 8 LED strips.

I made use of 8x 2.54mm pin headers, for allowing connection of the LED strips. I attached dupont sockets to JST SM wires I bought, via a crimper, which connect the strips themselves to my board.”

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