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An homemade FPGA board with an Arduino STM32, “Multicomp” compatible

Two dev boards into one: a STM32 based Arduino (“Maple Mini” compatible) and a Cyclone II FPGA dev. board to start playing with VHDL/Verilog. It is also “Multicomp” compatible (“Multicomp” is a modular VHDL design to “run” some famous retro 8 bit CPUs made by Grant Searle) giving the option to “run” easily a VHDL SOC with a Z80/6809/6502 CPU and I/O, including HD (on SD) and a color VDU.

The Thing is the the “natural” evolution of the CPLD Fun Board. The idea was to make a FPGA board using cheap and easy to find components, with a STM32 Arduino used as “stimulus generator” or “companion” processor for the FPGA, and with a 512KB SRAM and common I/O as GPIOs, VGA and a PS/2 keyboard to “run” HDL SOCs.

More, it has the option to “run” easily Multicomp VHDL SOCs having the needed HW.”

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