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Creating Miracles with Polymeric Fibers

Discovery of Ultrafast Particle Interactions Could Help Make Quantum Information Devices Feasible

Geometer V

Highest-throughput 3D printer is future of manufacturing

Perfect conditions for precision nanostructures V

Reducing open-circuit voltage loss in organic solar cells

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Linear Variable Voltage Regulator 1-20 V

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Programming At89S52 Using Arduino

TicTacToe Hardware Implementation Using RaspberryPi V

USB PD Stand-alone Sink Controller

A CircuitPython BLE Remote Control On/Off Switch V

First Demonstration of a 1 Petabit per Second Network Node

Weaving quantum processors out of laser light

1 Square Inch TTL CPU

Affordable LoRa® Development Packs from STMicroelectronics Jump-Start Projects Leveraging Large-Scale LPWAN Connectivity

Assembler robots make large structures from little pieces

BrachioGraph - the cheapest, simplest possible pen-plotter

China’s Chang’e 4 Completes 10 Lunar Days on Far Side of the Moon

Design Self-made CNC in Fusion 360

EPFL is developing next-generation soft hearing implants V

Giving robots a faster grasp

How to Build a Raspberry Pi Temperature Monitor

Protect Yourself With This Noise Level Monitor

Retro 7 Segment Clock TE (Tiny Edition)

Scientists discover fractal patterns in a quantum material

Taking 2D materials to the MAX

“The Thing”: FPGA + STM32 V

“Trojan Horse” trick promises ultra-brilliant electron beams

Ubuntu 19.10 delivers Kubernetes at the edge, multi-cloud infrastructure economics and an integrated AI/ML developer experience

UPS Flight Forward Attains FAA’s First Full Approval For Drone Airline

Vibration in one direction only V

VU Meter Using 3915 IC

3D-printed optics for individualized mass production

4-Legged Walking Robot V

Arduboy With Removable Flash Cart V

Arduino Working With Multiple Files (READ/WRITE)

AT89S52 - Veroboard & Upcycling Components

Controlling superconducting regions within an exotic metal

DIY AD9833 signal generator – first steps

First Prototype of a Quantum Computer on Superconductive Materials Sucessfully Launched in Russia

How-to Get Started with Machine Learning on Arduino V

NASA engineer’s ‘helical engine’ may violate the laws of physics

OpenAI Teaches Robot Hand to Solve Rubik’s Cube V

Researchers find superconducting material that could someday power quantum computers

Simple ESP32 Internet Radio with OLED Display V

Smoke and LPG Gas Detection Robot

Soil Moister With Node V

3D-printable high torque servo/gear reduction V

A mechanical 7 segment counter V

Bolt IoT Notice Board

CNC a Small Footstool V

Control a Solenoid With a D1 Mini Micro-controller and Push Button V

Digital Watch on Arduino Using a Finite State Machine V

DIY - WiFi Controlled RGB Illuminated Skateboard V

ESP32 and DC Motors Tutorial Part 1 V

How to Make LED Chaser Using NE555 IC BC547

How to Make Your Own Plasma Cutter…. V

Intel Enables AI Acceleration and Brings New Pricing to Intel Xeon W and X-Series Processors V

MIDI/Arduino Controlled 8-Bit Sound Generator (AY-3-8910) V

Nanoscale manipulation of light leads to exciting new advancement

NASA Spacecraft Launches on Mission to Explore Frontier of Space

Original Prusa MINI is here: Smart and compact 3D printer for everyone! V

Playing “Flappy Bird” on an LED Matrix V

Plotting Live Data of a Temperature Sensor (TMP006) Using MSP432 LaunchPad and Python V

Precision Control for DC Motors

Raspberry Pi Web Page Based Sprinkler Controller

Shapeshifter V2

Super Simple Sumo Bot

These new soft actuators could make soft robots less bulky V

Two-Mode Servo Tester V

2D-based single photon emitters integrated with CMOS-compatible Silicon Nitride waveguides

3D microchips could pave way to more efficient “spintronic” computers

A CNC As Metallic Foil Embossing Machine V

Accurate YouTube Subscriber Counter V

An unprecedented neuroprosthetic allows a tetraplegic patient fitted with an exoskeleton to move

“Electroadhesive” stamp picks up and puts down microscopic structures

Engineers solve 50-year-old puzzle in signal processing

Exploring the MQTT Protocol with ESP8266

How to Make Best LED Chaser Circuit Without IC

How to Program 8051 Using Arduino! V

Oobleck’s weird behavior is now predictable V

Quantum state of single electrons controlled by ‘surfing’ on sound waves

Simulating molecules with quantum simulators

SMS Based Home Automation Using GSM and Arduino

Sniffle: A Sniffer for Bluetooth 5 V

System can minimize damage when self-driving vehicles crash

A new mathematical approach to understanding zeolites

A new way to corrosion-proof thin atomic sheets

Arduino / ATtiny85 Delta AC 3-Phase Checker

Arduino Heart Beat With ECG Display & Sound V

Arduino Infrared Thermometer Gun MDF Case

Arm Enables Custom Instructions for embedded CPUs

Attaching a CPU fan to a RPi running Ubuntu Core

Bigger, better conductive crystals a boon for electronics

Clapping Switch With BC547 Transistor

Cooling nanotube resonators with electrons

Dialog Semiconductor to Acquire Creative Chips adding Industrial IoT Products to its Portfolio

DIY Idea with RFID V

Electrochemistry breakthrough simplifies creation of coveted molecules needed for drugs, electronics

Handheld Game Console Based on STM32F4 Discovery Board V

Hard as a diamond? Scientists predict new forms of superhard carbon

Heartbeat Sensor Circuit Using LM358 V

How to make a Bluetooth controlled Arduino robot easily V

How to Make a Gesture Control Robot at Home V

ILC1-1/8L Clock V

ISS Tracking Lamp V

Keeping Cool with Quantum Wells

Lapse Controller Mini (LCMini) V

Light Sensitive Double LED Blinker

Measuring the Battery Capacity (Lithium-NiMH-NiCd)

Moisto : Soil Moisture Sensor

Nano Current Meter

New 3D printing technique for biomaterials

New Method for Detecting Quantum States of Electrons

New MKR WAN 1310 for LoRa connectivity comes with 2MByte Flash and extended battery life

New salt-based propellant proven compatible in dual-mode rocket engines

newelectronics 8 Outubro 2019

Nice Effect LED Chaser Circuit Using BC547

PCB Thermal Management Techniques


PIDKiln - PID Temperature Controller to Ceramic/Glass/Metal Kiln

Porsche and Boeing to Partner on Premium Urban Air Mobility Market

Printed Electronics Open Way for Electrified Tattoos and Personalized Biosensors V

Quantum paradox experiment may lead to more accurate clocks and sensors

Rare “Lazarus Superconductivity” Observed in Promising, Rediscovered Material

Researchers at Mainz University synthesize new liquid crystals that will allow the directed transmission of electricity

Saturn Surpasses Jupiter After The Discovery Of 20 New Moons And You Can Help Name Them! V

Scientists observe a single quantum vibration under ordinary conditions

SMART develops a way to commercially manufacture integrated silicon III-V chips

Soft robot programmed to move like an inchworm V

The path to prosperity through access to high-speed internet

Theoretical physicists have predicted the existence of previously unknown topological phases of crystalline solids

Tiny Reflow Controller with character LCD

TSMC’s N7+ Technology is First EUV Process Delivering Customer Products to Market in High Volume

Ultimate Dry Ice Machine - Bluetooth Controlled, Battery Powered and 3D Printed. V

Unlocking a 140-year-old Secret in Physics

Vacuum Fluorescent Display Clock

89S52 Programmer Using Arduino Uno V

Algorithm Identifies Optimal Pairs for Composing Metal-Organic Frameworks

Arduino / ESP8266 RS485 MODBUS Anemometer

Arduino Motor Shield PCB V1 | 4 Motors at Once

Artificial skin could help rehabilitation and enhance virtual reality V

Benchtop Micro Milling Machine V

CCNY physicists score double hit in LED research

Compute At The Speed Of Light

Controlling 2-D magnetism with stacking order

Daisy mp3 project

Digital Scale Using Ultrasonic Sensor ( in Freeform ) V

Diy Game Using Arduino and Nokia 5110 Lcd

Finding the ‘magic angle’ to create a new superconductor

First fully rechargeable carbon dioxide battery with carbon neutrality

Gadget for Visually Impaired People (GVIP)

Home Automation Using IOT With Blynk and ESP8266-01 V

Homemade CO2 Sensor Unit

How to Make a Bluetooth Controlled RC Car at Home V

IoT Using Raspberry Pi and Firebase and Android V

Japan’s Hayabusa2 Probe Drops Its Last Rover on Asteroid Ryugu

LED Matrix Sand Toy V

Make Your Own 8051 Minimal System V

Maslow Upright CNC Router

Monopoly RFID Automated Bank

Moving e-cars into the fast lane

Multi Player Score Tracker

MutantC - an Easy to Build Raspberry Pi Handheld/UMPC V

NASA Takes Delivery of First All-Electric Experimental Aircraft

One POV Display to Rule Them All! V

One small step for electrons, one giant leap for quantum computers

Photovoltaic-powered sensors for the “internet of things”


Quantum material goes where none have gone before

Raspberry Pi OS Raspbian Improves Raspberry Pi 4 Support, Adds Many Improvements

Researchers synthesize ‘impossible’ superconductor

Speeding up the machine learning process

This flat structure morphs into shape of a human face when temperature changes

This is how a “fuzzy” universe may have looked

Using High Energy Density Material in Electrode Design Enhances Lithium Sulfur Batteries