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with only 8 3D-printed parts, this servo is very easy to assemble and very robust.

This servo/gear reduction uses mostly 3D-printed parts. The servo uses a 775 36V 9000rpm brushed DC-motor wich is driven by a BTS7960B motor driver wich is controlled by an arduino mega 2560. The stall torque of the servo is about 55kg/cm wich is about 5.39 Nm. the peak current is about 18 amps when using a 6s LIPO battery (about 22-24V). the reduction ratio is 30:1. I originally wanted to use some 20mm ball bearings for the outputshaft but they didn’t arrive in time so I ended up using two 20mm holes and some lubrication so the shaft can rotate freely. For the intend of filming the internals of the servo for possible faillures, I printed some collored gears and lasercut a 5 mm acrylic lid. Unfortunatly I didn’t get to film any awsome footage of gears exploding because they were far to strong ;-). Even at a peak torque of 54kg/cm they didn’t show the slightest form of flexing or cracks. For the full discription see the details :-)”

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