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This instructable shows you how you can improve your useless box, when it is reacting way too fast so you have little time to remove your finger after toggling the switch to activate the box..

In the start or home position, the mechanical finger, that is connected to a gear motor M1, is pushing against micro switch SW1, so it is pushed open. That means it is switched off and not conducting. SW1 is located inside of the box.

The manual operated toggle switch SW2, that is on the outside of the box, is in the OFF position. When the user toggles SW2 manually to the ON position, the motor is activated and starts moving. The mechanical finger that is attached to the motor will move out of the home position and releases SW1, so SW1 gets switched on. The motor continues to run until the mechanical finger has pushed SW2 back to the OFF position. When SW2 is in the OFF position (SW1 is still switched on), the motor reverses direction and starts moving the mechanical finger back to the start position. When the mechanical finger has reached the start position again, it pushes SW1 into the off position. The current to the motor is now interrupted by SW1, so the motor stops and stays in the home position, until SW2 is manually switched in the ON position again.”

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