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I’ve been meaning to get round to doing a Arduboy but never got round to it. I’m quite glad I waited because there seams to be a resurgence in the platform as of late. Also they have added the ability to add a flash cart to your build. What makes all this so easy is its all open source with lots of documentation. Join me below to see how my build panned out…

- Arduino pro micro
- SSD1306 0.96” SPI Serial 128X64 OLED LCD
- Soft touch buttons x6
- SMD reboot button x1
- SMD slide switch x2
- SMD Piezo speaker x1
- W25Q128 128Mb
- TXB0104 Voltage Level Shift

Arduboy build

I’ll start with the Arduboy its self. I wanted to make a small Arduboy that anyone with basic soldering skills could make. I don’t think its the easies of boards to solder but its the only way I could make it small enough and have all the features I wanted. I just went with the standard SSH1106 0.96″ screen that most people use in their homemade builds. The buttons I went with are the ones I’ve been using on my other RetroPie builds in the past. They are soft touch but they are not mushy like some are and have a small foot print. I used a SMD piezo speaker with a hardware mute switch because not all games have music toggle.”

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