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Homemade Arduboy using custom PCB, modules and all through hole parts that stands out. 1.54” OLED display, silent buttons and RTC FTW

For the Arduboy contest I took the opportunity to design a custom PCB for a homemade Arduboy that uses only through hole parts and easy to obtain modules. In addition to that I wanted to make it stand out from other Homemade Arduboys by using some other then usual parts.It uses a Teensy 2.0 as core, a 1.54” OLED display, 2 x RGB LEDs, a 16MB flash chip for games, a Real Time Clock and has support for two kind of buttons. Below an image that shows all the parts used.

As core board a Teensy 2.0 is used. Because it has all the GPIO pins broken out that are used by official Arduboy. This offers best compatibility with Arduboy. and original hex files can be used. Before the Teensy can be soldered to the custom PCB, some preperations need to be made.”

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