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I needed a handy multimeter which can be carried easily anywhere. I wanted it to be small and a miniature one in camparison with the normal multimeters.With hours of coding and circuit designing I ended up with making a device which can measure voltage drop, resistor ,battery voltage, and so on.It was quite difficult for me to make a device which can perform all these function at time but I succeded in doing so.
A day later an idea struck me that why not to make this multimeter as a multitasking device which can perform various function by updating the code. I thought over this and edited the PCB and added some extra components to it.
After editing and customising the PCB i finally ordered the PCB on pcbway.They are awesome PCB mnufacturers from china.They provide high quality PCB at $5 for 10 pieces.I got my PCB’s in a week and they were really nice.
This is a device which can perform various funtions.It can be manupulated into different devices.As I said eariler that this can be used as a multimeter, but beside this it can be used as a music player.Though this cant be used as a professional music player but it could produce different tones.By pushing different buttons new tones are produced.
Next it can be used as a calculator, numbers will be displayed on the oled screen and user can select different numbers and select operations using the potentiometer.It can perform four operations on numbers addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.It gives output correct up to two places of decimal.
It can be used as a gaming console for example i created a pong game.It is fun to play games this device.
By adding a RTC (Real Time Clock) module to the device it can display time.
It can be used as a virtual keyboard. Alphabets will be displayed on the oled screen. We just need to select the alphabets and the device will display the text in a scrolling manner on the screen.
As it is a small sized device it looks techy and and it will be a fun to use this.Isn’t this wonderful that a small device which can perform these many functions together.
.Finally I named this device as VERSANO it is a abbreviation of versatile nano.”

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