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3D Printed Vacuum Cleaner for a CNC Machine

As I started to use my Dremel CNC more often I noticed that after milling wood and MDF there is a lot of thin dust everywhere around. I also faced a problem with aluminum chips that got stuck in a lead screw, so I added a cover for the lead screws but I knew that the best solution would be attaching a vacuum cleaner to the machine. I have a really big and loud workshop vacuum cleaner that is way too powerful for this task. While I was scrolling through posts in Dremel CNC builders group on Facebook I noticed Jan’s post about his 3D printed vacuum cleaner. I thought that it’s a really cool idea to build a small vacuum cleaner that I can put next to my CNC machine and keep it on all the time when CNC is milling. So I opened Fusion 360 at 1 AM and 2 hours later my very own 3D printed vacuum cleaner was ready to be printed. Before you will start reading this instructable you have to know that this was more of like an experiment than a project, I had no idea if it will work, I just did a quick research on the internet to find out how cyclonic separation works and how vacuum cleaner turbine looks like. But I have to say that this project exceeded my expectations a lot!”

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