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ESP32 based intruder detection system

Cyclops Eye is a camera-mobile app duo which is used for realtime surveillance and intruder detection.

Cyclops Eye is a surveillance camera with an inbuilt AI system. this camera has following features,1. face detection 2. face recognition 3. face tracking4. automatic video recording on intruder detection5. face enrollment for recognition6. realtime video streaming to a server7. 4 hour battery life and rechargeable8. Configure to connect to any networkthis camera also comes with a companion app to view the camera feed, manual record and access videos stored on cloud.For camera we used an ESP32 and was programmed using C/C++. we also used ESP SDK and their libraries and models for face detection, face recognition features.Mobile app was built using Flutter.For video streaming from ESP32 to mobile app we have used a node server which is running on a GCP virtual machine.Camera does not require any user input and works on it’s own using state variables stored on firebase realtime database. theses state variables are read and written by server, ESP32, mobile app to keep the system synchronized.Overall, this was a cool and challenging project I have worked on.”

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