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3D Scanning with ESP-32 CAM & Line Laser (Arduino / C++)

3D Scanning using Structured Light (Slit Scanning) With ESP32 CAM, Line Lazer, coded with Arduino, which communicates to Client Application.

Structured Light “Slit” Scanner using ESP32-CAM with IoT capabilites.

- Scans an Object with a Line Lazer, by rotating it 360 degrees and capturing an image at all rotating intervals (Discrete Values)
- Posts these Images to a C++ Client Application with a TCP Server listening in
- Preprocessing & 3D Reconstruction of Objects are done on Client Application.

ESP-32 Data Acquisition & TCP Communications to Client C++ Application

As you can see in the Machine Setup / Physical System, there is a Rotating Plate on which an Object is placed on, there is also a Line Lazer fixed at 15 Degrees, and the ESP-32 Camera Board aligned with the center of the Rotating Plate. (However the ESP-32 is higher than the Plate)

For every Rotation, 3 Data Points need to be captured and sent to the C++ Application in Order, View the List Below.”

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