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In this project, we will be creating a wireless fan that you can fully control using your phone over WiFi. You can rotate it left and right, tilt it up and down, and choose the fan speed and rotation speed. We will be using the ESP32 with a desktop PC fan and a couple of motors to achieve this very easily. I have made a video that goes over the whole project an explains each steps very clearly. So if you want a video version, I highly recommend watching the video as it is much easier to follow. Let’s get to it!

Here is a list of all the components that are needed for this project:

- 140mm fan, I am using the Noctua NF-A14. I suggest getting one with as high as possible RPM. The fan used here has 3000 RPM.
- Nema 17 stepper motor, for the rotation of the fan.
- A4988 stepper motor driver, to drive and control the stepper motor.
- DS04-NFC servo motor, this is for the tilt motion.
- ESP32, as the micro-controller, it has built-in WiFi, which is needed for the wireless connectivity.
- 12 volts power supply that can deliver 5 amps of current. I used a mains power cable with a power jack DC cable.
- LM2596 buck converter, to step down the 12v to 5v, as the servo and micro-controller operate on 5v. The 12v is needed for the fan and the stepper motor.
- 100uF capacitor, this is used to filter the power supply of any voltage spikes.
- 2 switches.”

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