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Today, I’d like to share how to build a fixed belt CNC plotterthat has a very different construction from the others, in that both axes XY are made from fixed timing belts and their stepper motors are hidden inside PVC fittings. In addition, it is equipped with a homemade offline controller so it can operate independently by executing GCode commands from an external microSD card.
Please check my introduction video before getting started.

A. Main parts:

- 1pcs x Arduino UNO R3 or Combo Arduino + CNCShield + A4988.
- 1pcs x Arduino CNC Shield V3 GRBL.
- 3pcs x A4988 Stepper Driver Module. (Or 3pcs x DRV8825)
- 1pcs x Arduino Nano.
- 1pcs x LCD1602.
- 1pcs x Rotary Encoder.
- 1pcs x MicroSD Reader Module.
- 5pcs x R10K, 1pcs x R100, 1pcs x R1K and 1pcs x Potentiometer 10K.
- 2pcs x Stepper Motor NEMA 17.
- 2m x GT2 6mm Timing Belt.
- 2pcs x GT2 Timing Pulley 16 Teeth.
- 4pcs x GT2 5mm Bore Aluminum Toothless Idler Pulley for 6mm Width Timing Belt.
- 4pcs x GT2 Idler Timing Pulley 5mm Bore 20 Teeth.
- 8pcs x SC8UU linear bearings.
- 4pcs x Round Shaft Diameter 8mm, Length 500mm.
- 1pcs x Fan 5015 for stepper motor cooling.
- 1pcs x Fan 4010 for offline controller cooling.
- 4pcs x Heatbed Spacer Compression Spring for 3D Printer.
- 3pcs x Limit Switches.
- 1pcs x Power Supply PSU 12 VDC.
- 2pcs x V-Slot Aluminium Profile 2020, length 300/400mm.
- 1pcs x Acrylic sheet, thickness at least 5mm.
- 1 meter x Cable Spiral Wrap, small size.

B. PVC pipes and fittings:

- 8pcs x PVC Three & Four Way Tee Ø21mm.
- 4pcs x PVC End Cap Ø21mm.
- 1 meter x PVC Pipe Ø21mm.
- 8pcs x PVC End Cap Ø27mm.
- 4pcs x PVC End Cap Ø114mm.
- 1pcs x PVC Reducer Ø114mm to Ø90mm.
- 300mm x PVC Pipe Ø114mm.
- 1 pcs x Wooden sheet, size: 600x150x20mm.

C. Tools:

- Drilling machine, with step drill bits.
- Hand saw.
- PVC pipe cutter.
- Soldering Station with Hot Air Gun Heater.”

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