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I have seen many versions of the COREXY Drawbots and almost no one has enabled “Homing” function for them, even though the design already had space to fit limit switches. Today, I’d like to share how a CoreXY Drawbot can draw colorful shapes or texts by enabling its “Homing” function.

Main materials:

- 1set x 3D printed parts, available at:
- 1pcs x Arduino UNO R3 or Combo Arduino + CNCShield + A4988.
- 1pcs x Arduino CNC Shield V3 GRBL.
- 2pcs x Stepper Motor Driver A4988.
- 2pcs x Stepper motor NEMA 17.
- 1pcs x SG90 Servo.
- 2meter x GT2 6mm Timing Belt.
- 2pcs x GT2 Timing Pulley 16 Teeth.
- 2pcs x Round Shaft Diameter 8mm, Length 500mm.
- 2pcs x Round Shaft Diameter 8mm, Length 400mm.
- 2pcs x Linear rod M3 x 75mm, Z Axis. I reused these rods from old CDROMs.
- 8pcs x LM8UU linear bearings.
- 5pcs x Bearing 624zz.
- 1pcs x M8-L530mm threaded rod and 4pcs x M8 nuts.
- 1pcs x Power Supply 12/24VDC.
- 2 meter x 8P/16P Rainbow Ribbon Cable.
- 2pcs x Limit switches.
- 1pcs x 5mm DC Female Power Plug.
- 1pcs x Multicolor pen.
- 2 meter x copper braided shield.
- Some small cable ties, cable spiral wrap, M3 - M4 bolts and nuts.”

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