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Today, I’d like to share how to build at home a CoreXZ puzzle pipe plotter. It is called “puzzle pipe” CNC because I put pieces of pipe fittings together in a logical way, in order to arrive at the strong and nice mechanisum CNC structure.
The plotter firmware is CoreXY, but it works in another dimension CoreXZ.

a. Main materials:

- 1pcs x Arduino UNO R3 or Combo Arduino + CNCShield + A4988.
- 1pcs x Arduino CNC Shield V3 GRBL.
- 3pcs x Stepper Motor Driver A4988
- 3pcs x Stepper motor NEMA 17.
- 3pcs x 50 mm L Stepper Motor Support.
- 4meter x GT2 6mm Timing Belt.
- 4pcs x GT2 5mm Bore Aluminum Toothless Idler Pulley for 6mm Width Timing Belt.
- 2pcs x GT2 Idler Timing Pulley 5mm Bore 20 Teeth.
- 3pcs x GT2 Timing Pulley 20 Teeth.
- 4pcs x Round Shaft Diameter 8mm, Length 500mm.
- 2pcs x Round Shaft Diameter 8mm, Length 200mm.
- 12pcs x Ball Flanged Shielded Bearings 8 x 22 x 7mm.
- 12pcs x Horizontal Ball Bearing Bracket or Vertical Ball Bearing Bracket.
- 1pcs x Power Supply 12/24VDC.
- 2pcs x Clear/White Acrylic, size A3, thickness at least 5mm.
- 4pcs x Copper Brass Pillars L-10mm.
- 2 meter x 8P/16P Rainbow Ribbon Cable.
- 1pcs x 5mm DC Female Power Plug.
- Some small cable ties, cable spiral wrap, bolts and nuts.

b. PVC pipes and fittings:

- 70pcs x PVC Pipe Tee Ø21mm.
- 16pcs x PVC Three Way Tee Ø21mm.
- 16pcs x PVC Four Way Tee Ø21mm.
- 4pcs x PVC Cross Ø21mm.
- 8pcs x PVC Elbow Ø21mm.
- 4pcs x PVC Connector Ø21mm.
- 8 meter x PVC Pipe Ø21mm.

c. Tools:

- Drilling machine.
- Hand saw.
- PVC pipe cutter: It was very useful for this project, because I had to cut a lot of connecting pipes.
- Soldering machine.”

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