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6V – 2.5Ah Sealed Lead-Acid Battery Charger

A Two Wheel Gimbal Motor Powered Robot V

ADXL345 accelerometer “screen orientation”

Arduino Nano 33 IoT 12V WS2811 LED Strip Controller

Bluetooth RPM Letterboard v2.0 V

CircuitPython 7.1.0 Released! @circuitpython

CoreXZ Puzzle Pipe Plotter V

DIY Simple BME280 Arduino Weather Station V

Domino Stack Bot V

ESP01 Project Using Blynk IFTTT & Google Assistant V

Full Wave Rectifier Using Single Supply OPAMP V

KiCad 6.0.0 Release

Library-on-a-Chip: Scientists Record Data on Nanoscale Layers of Metal-Organic Frameworks for First Time

Motion Sensor Lights V

NASA Says Webb’s Excess Fuel Likely to Extend its Lifetime Expectations

NASA’s Webb Telescope Launches to See First Galaxies, Distant Worlds V

Nearly-Autonomous Retirement Countdown Display V

Neopixel Ring, Brass Circuit Sculpture Lamp V

Novel Semiconductor Gives New Perspective on Anomalous Hall Effect

Raspberry Pi computers head to International Space Station

Researchers use electron microscope to turn nanotube into tiny transistor V

Sending sensor data from Raspberry Pi Pico to MQTT

Simple LED Matrix Clock - Internet Time Synced - ESP32 Based

TSMC CEO’s meeting with Taichung mayor may indicate 2nm fab plans

Turing ring V

Virginia family gets keys to Habitat for Humanity’s first 3D-printed home in the US V

WiFi Based Robot with Android Application Control V

3D printed nanomagnets unveil a world of patterns in the magnetic field

3D printing approaches atomic dimensions

A-list candidate for fault-free quantum computing delivers surprise

A new platform for controlled design of printed electronics with 2D materials

Automatic Gas Reduction System V

Bringing space inside the lab: Researchers replicate the climates of exoplanets to help find extraterrestrial life

Clear Vision for Optics V

Control ESP8266 from anywhere using android app and MQTT V

Could acid-neutralizing life-forms make habitable pockets in Venus’ clouds?

Digital dice with IOT cheating function

DIY Arduino 3D Printed gear Clock V

ESP32 UWB Indoor Positioning Test V

Fast and durable batteries to come: A Promising Anode Material for Lithium-Ion Batteries

Fundamental Holography: ITMO Researchers Develop Method for Printing Holograms in Color

Georgia Tech Researchers Develop New Measurements For Designing Cooler Electronics

Giant 555 Timer V

HackSpace magazine #50

How NASA’s Psyche Mission Will Explore an Unexplored World

How to Make a RC Controller #2

Integrated photonics meet electron microscopy

IT Security: Computer Attacks with Laser Light

James Webb Space Telescope reaches launch pad for Christmas liftoff V

Mach 30 wind tunnel to ‘put China decades’ ahead in hypersonic race

Magnetic ‘hedgehogs’ could store big data in a small space

Magnetic storage that runs on light

MIT engineers produce the world’s longest flexible fiber battery

MIT engineers test an idea for a new hovering rover

Moving objects straight off the printer

Nanodiamonds are key to efficient hydrogen purification

NASA’s Juno Spacecraft ‘Hears’ Jupiter’s Moon V

New atomically-thin material could improve efficiency of light-based tech

New class of galac­tic nebulae disco­vered

New materials for quantum technologies

Night Time Clock

NVIDIA BlueField Sets New World Record for DPU Performance

Opening a 50-year-old Christmas present from the Moon

Parts-Bin Oscilloscope

Perovskite solar cell with ultra-long stability V

Pico stair lights V

Quantum marbles in a bowl of light

RE-LAPSE: Resin Printer Time-Lapse Recording with ESP32 CAM and Blynk V

Samsung Develops High-Performance PCIe 5.0 SSD for Enterprise Servers

Say hello to a record-setting isotope

Self-healing 3D printed plastic can repair itself… using only light

Semiconductors reach the quantum world

SpaceX Dragon cargo ship delivers Christmas presents (and supplies) to space station V

SpaceX lofts Turkish communications satellite to orbit in 2nd Falcon 9 rocket launch of the day V

Speedlight trigger - NEW

Swinging on the quantum level

Technique Tunes Into Graphene Nanoribbons’ Electronic Potential

Templating approach stabilises ‘ideal’ material for alternative solar cells

The Inspirer V

The world’s biggest offshore wind farm, Hornsea 2, generates first power

There oughta be a WiFi Game Boy cartridge V

Tilted Twister V

Toshiba’s Transparent Cu2O Tandem Solar Top Cell Achieves 8.4% Efficiency

Tuning a magnetic fluid with an electric field creates controllable dissipative patterns

Using magnets to toggle nanolasers leads to better photonics

Wearable Smart Sensing Insole V

Where on earth is the Hall effect sensor of the ESP32?

WiFi Sensing via Raspberry Pi

Wings of Freedom! PCB Badge V

WS2812B RGB lights on a 6502!

WVU engineers creating software for aerobots to explore Venus

Your Next Package Could be Delivered by a Robot V

4 Wheel Drive Line Follower Robot V

A computer made of floppy rubber

A versatile set of detector building blocks prepares SLAC researchers for a challenging future of X-ray science

Arduino Powered Pattern Making Machine V

ATTiny555 V

Automated Hydroponic System

Balancing Robot / 3 Wheel Robot / STEM Robot V

Batteries of the future could be paper-thin and biodegradable

Black holes and dark matter — are they one and the same?

Bluetooth Matrix

Build a Laser Harp From Scratch

Challenging Einstein’s greatest theory with extreme stars

Closing In On Fusion

Color-Sorting Metalenses Boost Imaging Sensitivity

“Crazy” Light Emitters: Physicists See An Unusual Quantum Phenomenon

Driverless cars a step closer to our roads with new self-learning AI technology

Einstein finally warms up to quantum mechanics?

Exotic quantum particles — less magnetic field required

Exotic six-quark particle predicted by supercomputers

From “cheetah-noids” to humanoids

Giving bug-like bots a boost

Giving e-waste plastics a new lease of life

Homematic Display Clock

Hyundai Motor Group Reveal Mobile Eccentric Droid (MobED) V

IBM and Samsung Unveil Semiconductor Breakthrough That Defies Conventional Design V

Invisible Material: Researchers Model Metasurfaces in Hybrid Anapole Modes for the First Time

Irrigation Level Assessment by Thermal Imaging w/ TensorFlow

Lanthanoids offer great potential

Laser Anemometer V

LASERINO - Easy No Fuss Laser Levelling Tool V

Li-Ion battery measurement system

Logic Chip Tester

Long Range Autonomous Boat

Make smartphone controlled Car Using Esp8266

Matrix Computer Side Panel

MediaTek Officially Launches Dimensity 9000 Flagship Chip And Announces Adoption by Global Device Makers

MIDI Pedal Board for guitar multieffect FX-500

Motorized Light Bulb Changer V

N-type Conductive Tin Sulfide Thin Films: Towards Environmentally Friendly Solar Cells

NASA Enters the Solar Atmosphere for the First Time, Bringing New Discoveries V

NASA’s Ingenuity Mars Helicopter Reaches a Total of 30 Minutes Aloft

NASA’s Perseverance Mars Rover Makes Surprising Discoveries V

New copper surface eliminates bacteria in just two minutes

New Crystal Structure for Hydrogen Compounds for High-Temperature Superconductivity

New Smart-Roof Coating Enables Year-Round Energy Savings

New solar materials developed by Stanford scientists could usher in ultrathin, lightweight solar panel

One Minute Punch Break V

PCB Xmas tree with LEDs

Pico-Pong V

Picture perfect X-ray capture

Pip-Boy 2040 Wrist-Mounted Prop

Quantum algorithms bring ions to a standstill V

Quantum theory needs complex numbers

QuTech takes important step in quantum computing with error correction

Raspberry Pi Zero 2 W external antenna mod V

Renesas Develops Write Technologies for Embedded STT-MRAM Significantly Reducing MCUs Power Consumption in IoT Applications

Renesas Introduces Second-Generation of ClockMatrix Family of Network Synchronizers and Jitter Attenuators for Optical and Wireline Networks

Renesas Launches Automotive Actuator and Sensor Control MCUs for Evolving Edge Applications in Next-Generation E/E Architecture

Researchers probe the performance of high-temperature superconductor in new DOE-funded study

Resolving the Puzzles of Graphene Superconductivity

Retro Computer Console

Rhombic Dodecahedron Infinity Lamp V

Samsung Begins Mass Production of Comprehensive Automotive Memory Solutions for Next-Generation Autonomous Electric Vehicles

Sensor comparison: temperature, humidity and air pressure

Simple Christmas Tree V

Soft robots speed up thanks to new thermal actuator design

Sony Develops World’s First Stacked CMOS Image Sensor Technology with 2-Layer Transistor Pixel

Stanford engineers and physicists study quantum characteristics of ‘combs’ of light

Stanford engineers develop a robotic hand with a gecko-inspired grip V

Stars’ secret embraces revealed by Alma

STMicroelectronics Introduces First PowerGaN Products for More Energy-Efficient, Slimmer Power Supplies

Stretchy, washable battery brings wearable devices closer to reality

Super-bright stellar explosion is likely a dying star giving birth to a black hole or neutron star V

Tetrakis Square Tiling With WS2812 LEDs V

The MagPi 113

Toshiba’s New 4-Form-A, Voltage Driven Photorelays Have One of Industry’s Smallest Mounting Areas, Will Help Reduce Semiconductor Tester Sizes

UCF Develops the World’s First Optical Oscilloscope

Why becoming a bionic superhuman would be more trouble than it’s worth… for now!

10W Class-D Stereo Audio Amplifier with Mute, Shutdown and Four Gain Settings V

2 Dimensional Delta Robot with Servo Motor & Arduino V

3 Phase (3 Wire) EMI Filter – 480VAC

3D Printed Artificial Muscles: Erector Set V

3D Printed BOOMBOX V

3D Printed Moon Lamp - Complete End-to-End Design and Build V

A task like landing on the moon

A tool to speed development of new solar cells

Analog Devices’ RadioVerse® SoC Drives 5G Radio Efficiency and Performance

China moon rover will investigate cube-shaped ‘mystery’ object on lunar far side

Christmas Tree With 555 Timer and CD4017 Decade Counter IC V


DIY Anaerobic Chamber (aka Glove Box)

DIY LUMAZOID Arduino Music Visualiser V

Engineers Teach AI to Navigate Ocean with Minimal Energy V

ESP32 and Toit: Integrating Home Assistant through MQTT

Evidence emerges for dark-matter free galaxies

Flux Capacitor PCB Badge V

Generating a realistic 3D world

Guitar Pickguard Wireless MIDI Controller V

Hackvent Calendar V

How to save money with IOT

Industrial Smart-Sensor Evaluation Kit from STMicroelectronics Accelerates Design with IO-Link Transceiver and STM32 MCU

Infinity Gears V

LoRa Based Smart City Air Quality Monitoring

M5Stack GPS for hiking

Microchip to Provide Silicon Carbide MOSFETs and Digital Gate Drivers for Mersen’s SiC Power Stack Reference Design

Molecular device turns infrared into visible light

NASA Launches New Mission to Explore Universe’s Most Dramatic Objects

NASA Returns Hubble to Full Science Operations

NASA’s Next-Generation Asteroid Impact Monitoring System Goes Online

onsemi Launches High-Performance, Low Power-Loss SUPERFET V Family of MOSFETs for Server and Telecom Applications

Optical cavities could be key to next generation interferometers

Physicists exploit space and time symmetries to control quantum materials

‘Potentially hazardous’ asteroid worth nearly $5 billion will skim past Earth this week, NASA says

Probing the advantages of quantum sensors

Renesas Introduces RA6T2 MCUs for Next-Generation Motor Control in Inverter Appliances, Building Automation and Industrial Drives

Renesas Programmable Smart Gate Driver for BLDC Motor Applications Drives Multiple Configurations; Integrates Analog Power Components to Reduce BOM Cost and Board Space

Researchers develop an algorithm to increase the efficiency of quantum computers

Scientists identify another reason why batteries can’t charge in minutes

Scientists model elusive fundamental particle in a beam of light

Shrinking Qubits for Quantum Computing with Atom-Thin Materials

STMicroelectronics Drives the Future of EVs and Industrial Applications with New Silicon-Carbide Devices

Teaching an old chemical new tricks

Technique enables real-time rendering of scenes in 3D

The Original Solarfidget

These Tiny Liquid Robots Never Run Out of Juice as Long as They Have Food V

Tiny machine learning design alleviates a bottleneck in memory usage on internet-of-things devices

TI’s new precision wideband ADC pushes data-acquisition performance higher while cutting size and power consumption in half

Toshiba Unveils New 18TB MN09 Series NAS Hard Disk Drives

Towards the achievement of megatesla magnetic fields in the laboratory

Transforming Materials with Light

TTGO T-Beam Helium Mapper

Universal OPAMP Board for SMD MSOP8 Package V

Vectron VGA Plus

Yet Another Virtual Oscilloscope for Arduino

3D Laser Nanoprinters Become Compact

A seemingly unattainable energy transition

Airy and efficient

An energy-storage solution that flows like soft-serve ice cream

Analog Devices’ Essential Analog nanoPower Modules Extend Battery Life in Space-Constrained Applications

Arduino pov vision clock

Artificial intelligence that understands object relationships

Automatic pencil sharpener V

Chemical researchers invent bio-petroleum for sustainable materials

Chemistry: Researchers develop novel, inexpensive catalysts enabling noble metal chemistry

Colour-changing magnifying glass gives clear view of infrared light

Constraining quantum measurement

Conversation Face

Creating 3D maps with a backpack

DIY 3D Resin Curing Station with Wio Terminal V

DIY Pen Plotter with Automatic Tool Changer | CNC Drawing Machine V

ESP32 Secure Firmware Update Over-The-Air (OTA) V

Finland’s first 5-qubit quantum computer is now operational

Green information technologies: Superconductivity meets Spintronics

Hello, my name is: a wearable name badge

Holography meets frequency combs V

How to Create a Clock Using Arduino, DS3231 RTC Module and OLED Display V

Intelligent Transistor Developed at TU Wien

Light-powered soft robots could suck up oil spills

LoRa Project With ESP8266 Arduino Control Relay V

Machine learning helps mathematicians make new connections V

Magnets with a twist: U-M researchers engineer magnetic complexity into atomically thin magnets

Materials - Fresh twist on heat

Max Biaggi Shatters EV Motorcycle Speed Record With 283 MPH Run

Microchip Continues Expansion of Gallium Nitride (GaN) RF Power Portfolio

Most Versatile maXTouch Touchscreen Controller Ever Offers Extensive Screen Format Flexibility

Mystery of high-performing solar cell materials revealed in stunning clarity

New chip hides wireless messages in plain sight

New process makes every atom matter for sustainable catalyst production

New research effort shines more light on black hole collisions

New Study Shows the Largest Comet Ever Observed was Active at Near-Record Distance

Nissan unveils lunar rover prototype jointly developed with Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency V

NIST Recommends Steps to Boost Resilience of U.S. Timekeeping

Qualcomm Announces World’s Most Advanced Mobile Platform, the Snapdragon 8 Gen 1

Quantum computers getting connected

Quantum physics across dimensions: Unidirectional Kondo Scattering

Renesas Adds New Power Line Communication Modem IC Enabling High-Speed, Long Distance Communication, Expanding Practical PLC Applications

Researchers shrink camera to the size of a salt grain

RF Transmitting Device detector

Samsung Introduces Three New Logic Solutions To Power the Next Generation of Automobiles

Scientists develop lead-absorbing tape to boost viability of rising star in solar power industry

Secure Bluetooth® Low Energy Microcontroller from onsemi Sets Industry Record for Power Efficiency

SpaceX’s Starlink internet satellites forced to dodge Russian anti-satellite test debris

Stanford physicists help create time crystals with quantum computers

STMicroelectronics Reveals Next-Generation Secure Microcontroller for Biometric System-on-Card and dCVV Solutions

Test tanks fuelled for ESA’s Themis reusable first stage

The Arduino C64 Emulator V

Thriving In Non-Equilibrium

Toshiba Releases High Peak Output Current Photocouplers in Thin Packages for Driving IGBTs/MOSFETs Gates

Transparent electrodes without the damage

Twisting elusive quantum particles

UCI-led team of physicists detects signs of neutrinos at Large Hadron Collider

Wemos D1 - Minigame Console

Yamaha DX7 reverse-engineering, part III: Inside the log-sine ROM