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Toshiba’s New 4-Form-A, Voltage Driven Photorelays Have One of Industry’s Smallest Mounting Areas, Will Help Reduce Semiconductor Tester Sizes

Toshiba Electronic Devices & Storage Corporation (“Toshiba”) has launched three 4-Form-A voltage driven photorelays, “TLP3407SRA4,” ”TLP3412SRHA4,” and “TLP3475SRHA4,“ that have one of the smallest[1] mounting areas in the industry. Volume shipments start today.

The new products are Toshiba’s first-ever four-circuit, 4-Form-A relays. Housed in a newly-developed small S-VSON16T package, they feature a typical mounting area of 12.5mm2, one of the industry’s smallest[1]. By incorporating resistors at the input side, the products are made to be driven by voltage without any need for external resistors. These features help to reduce space requirements on circuit boards, allowing more photorelays to be mounted.

The new photorelays are suitable for applications such as semiconductor testers, which require mounting of numerous relays on circuit boards that are limited in size.

The new products’ maximum operating temperature rating is 125°C, allowing use in high temperature conditions and easily securing thermal-design margins.

- Semiconductor testers (probe cards and test heads for memories, SoC and LSI, etc.)
- Burn-in equipment
- Measuring instruments (oscilloscopes, data loggers, etc.)

- S-VSON16T package with one of the industry’s smallest[1] mounting areas for 4-Form-A contacts
- A voltage driven type incorporating input resistors, requiring no external resistors (Input voltage: 3.3V systems or 5V systems)
- High operating temperature rating: Topr max=125°C”

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