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CircuitPython 7.1.0 Released! @circuitpython

This is CircuitPython 7.1.0, the latest minor revision of CircuitPython, and is a new stable release.

Notable additions to 7.1.0 since 7.0.0
- Initial port for Raspberry Pi Broadcom-based boards.
- Preliminary support for asyncio cooperative multitasking.
- bitmaptools: dithering and alphablend are new.</li
- keypad.Events now include timestamps.
- framebufferio: support for IS31FL3741.
- Espressif now provides I2CPeripheral, WiFi monitor mode, setting MAC address, ESP32-C3 support, ParallelImageCapture.
- gifio.GifWriter is new.
- HID now provides boot device and feature report support.
- rotaryio now allows setting the divisor of counts per transition.
- SAMD now provides watchdog, and alarm with sleep.
- SAMx5 boards now all have sleep support.
- The STM port now provides STM32L4R5 support.
- MicroPython 1.17 has been merged in.
- Russian translation.

Port status
CircuitPython has a number of “ports” that are the core implementations for different microcontroller families. Stability varies on a per-port basis. As of this release, atmel-samd, cxd56 (Spresense), esp32s2, nrf,raspberrypi, stm for the F4 family are stable. stm for other STM chip families is being actively improved but may be missing functionality and have bugs. broadcom (Raspberry Pi), litex and mimxrt10xx are in an alpha state and will have bugs and missing functionality.

New boards since 7.0.0
- Adafruit Feather ESP32-S2
- Adafruit Feather ESP32-S2 TFT
- Adafruit KB2040
- Adafruit QT Py ESP32-S2
- AIThinker ESP32-C3S_Kit
- Challenger NB RP204
- Cytron Maker Nano RP2040
- JPConstantineau Pykey60
- Lolin/Wemos S2-Pico
- Melopero Shake RP2040
- MicroDev microC3
- Oak Development Technologies Bread 2040
- Raspberry Pi 4B
- Raspberry Pi Compute Module 4 IO Board
- Raspberry Pi Zero 2W
- Seed XIAO variant build for HID devices
- Solder Party RP2040 Stamp
- Swan R5”

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