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CircuitPython 7.0.0 Released!

This is CircuitPython 7.0.0, the latest major revision of CircuitPython, and is a new stable release.

Notable additions to 7.0.0 since 6.3.0
- Support for the CircuitPython development workflow over BLE.
- Camera support on ESP32S2.
- qrio: QR code decoding.
- The keypad key-scanning module.
- Run-time customization of USB devices.
- Merging in of MicroPython fixes and enhancements as of MicroPython 1.16.
- _pixelbuf is now adafruit_pixelbuf.
- colorwheel() routine moved to rainbowio.
- supervisor.ticks_ms() to allow easier time-keeping.
- Simplifications to the RGB status LED codes.
- A clocking fix for a few samples of RP2040 boards.
- Rework of vectorio and some of its API. VectorShape is no longer needed for user code.
- atexit module.
- getpass module.
- traceback module.
- supervisor.get_previous_traceback().
- board.LED now consistently present on all boards that have such an LED.
- PulseOut no longer needs a PWMOut.
- Unicode filename support.
- Board ID is now in boot_out.txt and available as board.board_id.
- aesio on for full builds by default.

Download from
Firmware downloads are available from the downloads page on The site makes it easy to select the correct file and language for your board.”

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