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CircuitPython 5.2.0 Released!

This is CircuitPython 5.2.0, it features a new port to LiteX, a Python powered hardware description system used to define a soft System on Chip (SoC) that is then loaded into a Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA). There are a few minor fixes and improvements over 5.1.0 as well.

Download from
Downloads are available from! The site makes it easy to select the correct file and language for your board. The downloads page is here. Downloads are no longer available from the GitHub release pages because of the large number of files for each release.

To install follow the instructions in our new Welcome to CircuitPython! guide. To install the latest libraries, see this page in that guide.

Try the latest version of the Mu editor for creating and editing your CircuitPython programs and for easy access to the CircuitPython serial connection (the REPL).

New features and improvements since 5.1.0
Add LiteX port for CircuitPython on an FPGA. Thanks to @xobs.
Add support for additional baudrates for nRF UART (including MIDI’s 31250). Thanks to @billmoser
Add support for MX25L51245G SPI Flash. Thanks to @bd34n and @ladyada
Add displayio support for inverted backlights. Thanks to @siddacious and @tannewt
Add support for phase and polarity to FourWire as kwargs. Thanks to @tannewt
Fix iMX RT UART read length. Thanks to @arturo182 and @theacodes
Fix iMX RT neopixel timing. Thanks to @arturo182
Fix reading pixel values from Pixelbuf. Thanks to @jepler.
Fix _bleio.PacketBuffer when in server mode. Required for BLE Midi. Thanks to @tannewt
Full commit log is here.

5 New boards since 5.1.0
Fomu Thanks to @xobs
ThunderPack Thanks to @jgillick
Winterbloom Big Honking Button Thanks to @theacodes
8086 Consultancy Commander Thanks to @burtyb
BDMicro Vina M0 Thanks to @bd34n
Breaking Changes and Deprecations from 4.x
5.0.0 improves our internal filesystem definitions and may overwrite your existing files so make sure to back them up before updating!
The bleio module has been renamed to _bleio to indicate that it is meant to be used only for writing BLE libraries, and that its API may change between CircuitPython minor versions. There are many incompatible changes in _bleio since 4.0.0. Please use the latest adafruit_ble library for end-user BLE programming.
The displayio refresh API has been revamped to be simpler. wait_for_frame and refresh_soon have been removed. In both 4.x and 5.x, auto refresh will automatically refresh the display so they can be removed. The new auto_refresh property and refresh() function can be used to control when the screen refreshes and at a specific rate.
Moved audioio.Mixer to audiomixer.Mixer, which is only available on M4 microcontrollers. Moved audioio.RawSample, and audioio.WaveFile to the new module audiocore. However, for backwards compatibility, they are still available in audioio. They will be removed from audioio in 6.0.0. Thanks @jepler.
Added I2C.writeto_then_readfrom(). Deprecate stop= arg which will be removed in 6.x. Use I2C.writeto_then_readfrom() instead.
Removed re from Circuit Playground Express Display build.
Removed gamepad from Circuit Playground Express Crickit build.
Known Issues
displayio operations that read from an SD card (e.g., OnDiskBitmap) will interfere with other SD card operations and can cause lockup. To work around this problem, do not read or write files on the SD while the display is updating, and vice versa.
ulab can give erroneous results when sorting 2D arrays
ulab can give erroneous results with expressions like a[a<1]
See for other issues.
Thank you to all who used, tested, contributed, helped out, and participated on GitHub and/or Discord, including @arturo182, @bd34n, @billmoser, @burtyb, @caternuson, @dhalbert, @dpgeorge, @hierophect, @jepler, @jgillick, @ladyada, @siddacious, @sommersoft, @tannewt, @theacodes, @xobs, and surely more we have missed. Join us on the Discord chat to collaborate.

Documentation is available in

This release is based on MicroPython 1.9.4 @25ae98f. Support upstream MicroPython by purchasing a PyBoard (from Adafruit here).

Check out this guide for info on common problems with CircuitPython. If you are still having issues, then post to the Adafruit Support Forums and join Discord.

Builds are no longer stored as assets on this release page, because there are too many of them. Please see the Download from section above.”

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