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A Working Replica of the classic 555 timer made using discrete components

A fully functional replica of the classic 555 timer made using discrete through hole components which include only basic jellybean components like (to - 92) BJTs , 1/4Watt resistors & diodes.
All the components used are salvaged from old electronics which i collect.

Why I built this:
I always like to make circuits from scratch and especially with discrete parts.
This project is made to deeply learn each and every section of the 555 timer chip & how the IC works from inside out.
This project made me learn what are current mirrors, constant current sources, sinks, long tailed pair, output stages & flip flops. Also how internal circuit of op amps and voltage comparators work. Resulting very good practical skills and therefore this project was also part of my college mini project.

Since I am also into woodworking , i also designed a big wooden box shaped like an actual DIP - 8 package with aluminum legs. The whole box is roughly the size of an A4 size printing sheet”

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