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ESP32 UWB Indoor Positioning Test

We made an ESP32 UWB indoor positioning test, using 2 UWB anchors and 1 UWB tag, when the tag is moving, the real-time position of the UWB tag can be graphically displayed on PC.

- ESP32 UWB x3
- Power bank
- 5v power supply x2

Step 1: Overview
1.1 Introduce
DW1000 is the world’s first single-chip wireless transceiver based on Ultra-Wideband techniques. It provides a new approach to real-time location and indoor positioning systems, location-based services, wireless sensor networks. It enables to develop cost-effective RTLS solutions with precise indoor and outdoor positioning to within 10 cm.

The Makerfabs ESP32 UWB based on ESP32 and DW1000 solution, it acts like a continuously scanning radar, that precisely locks onto another device and communicates with it, thus calculating its own location, with the ESP32 WiFi/Bluetooth, it could be a solution for wireless indoor positioning.

1.2 About UWB
Ultra-wideband is a technology for transmitting information across a wide bandwidth (>500 MHz). This allows for the transmission of a large amount of signal energy without interfering with conventional narrowband and carrier wave transmission in the same frequency band. Regulatory limits in many countries allow for this efficient use of radio bandwidth, and enable high-data-rate personal area network (PAN) wireless connectivity, longer-range low-data-rate applications, and radar and imaging systems, coexisting transparently with existing communications systems.”

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