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Projet OpenRucheG2

Hive monitoring using sensors and LoraWan network.

Bee colony are threatened by predators, pesticides and lack of food, thus limiting the pollinisation of plants and reducing our harvest in honey.

The focus of this project is to monitor the health of your colony with sensors and send them to “The Things Network”, allowing you to check all of the data on your colony in order to help you make decisions.

This project is an alternative of the “BEEP” project that help scientist and apicultor to do statistics on domestic bees in Europe for scientific purpose.

What is it :
It is a prototype that measure different characteristic of the hive:

- Temperature inside the hive in 3 points
- Humidity inside the hive
- Temperature and humidity outside the hive
- frequency in the hives
- luminosity and battery level
- Presence of bees/hornet (not implemented but codes and advices are given below)”

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