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How to monitor a beehive with Arduino Nano 33BLE (bluetooth)

You have a beehive and you want to optimise your interventions ? Checkout our project where we embed sensors in the beehive.

Our team was led to rub shoulders with beekeepers and after few exchanges some issues appeared. Indeed, beekeepers do not always have the time to check their beehives or the weather might nt be suitable (heavy rain, strong wind) for checking.

Thus, they asked us if there is a way to remotely monitor their beehives. They gave us the technical specifications we would have to meet and we started to design a solution for them.

So, our solution lie in a monitored beehive with an Arduino Nano. We linked to this board several sensors mesuring :

- the temperature inside and outside the beehive
- the beehive’s weight
- the battery of the system
- the humidity inside and outside the beehive

These data are then uploaded to Ubidots, a cloud interface allowing beekeepers to consult the data and the state of the beehive.

When near the beehive, they can also connect to the board thanks to a bluetooth android application.”

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