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A new language for quantum computing

Arduino Nano 20KHz pocket sized Digital Oscilloscope

Artificial Life: HD V

Asymmetry is key to creating more stable blue perovskite LEDs

Basys3 Oscilloscope

Bone growth inspired “microrobots” that can create their own bone

DC-HV DC Converter – 200V @ 20mA Output with 12V DC Input V

Demystifying machine-learning systems

DIY Arduino Tug of War Game on Homemade 8x8 Led Matrix V

DIY Simple Alpha Radiation Spark Detector (HV) V

ES Timer a Special Pomodoro Timer (Digispark ATtiny85) V

Faster technique for resetting quantum circuits proposed

Fastest-ever study of how electrons respond to X-rays performed

Gesture Controlled Smart Mirror V

Getting hydrogen out of banana peels

HackSpace magazine #51

HKUST researchers find new way of gaining quantum control from loss

HomeMade Arduino Jet Engine V

Hope for Present-Day Martian Groundwater Dries Up

How a Smart Electric Grid Will Power Our Future V

How to Build a Microcomputer … and Really Understand it

How To Make A STAR WARS Game Using Arduino and OLED? Retro G V

Improving print quality by using surfactants

Industry’s Only Family of Standard Non-Hybrid Space-Grade Power Converters Now Includes 28 Volt (V)-Input Radiation-Tolerant Options

Lancaster physicist solves century old problem of radiation reaction

Measuring Circuit Delay for FPGA Timing using the ADP3450

Morello research program hits major milestone with hardware now available for testing

Mushroom Cultivation Automation: From Foraging To Fruiting V

Mysterious Object Unlike Anything Astronomers Have Seen Before V

New experiment results bolster potential for self-sustaining fusion

New Family of Time Sensitive Networking (TSN) Ethernet Switches Provides Industry’s First Turnkey Solution for Industrial Automation Networks

New Technique Boosts Efficiency, Sustainability of Large-Scale Perovskite Solar Cells

Nexperia’s 50 µA Zener diodes portfolio extends battery-time and saves PCB space

Next-generation battery research offers electric cars a boost

One pot wonder for polymer diversity

Orbital Insertion Burn a Success, Webb Arrives at L2

Panasonic develops mass production technology for Far-Infrared Aspherical Lens with the *world’s first integrated frame

PCB Heart Necklace V

PWM Temperature Controlled FAN using TC648 and NTC sensor V

Quantum dots boost perovskite solar cell efficiency and scalability

Rambus Delivers PCIe 6.0 Controller for Next-Generation Data Centers

Rangoli Making Robot | Drawing Robot | Arduino Servo Robot V

raspiduboy’s dreamboy

Researchers Develop Eminent Quantum Gate Testing Method

Robot Performs First Laparoscopic Surgery Without Human Help

Rusting iron can be its own worst enemy

Samsung Introduces Smart All-in-One Fingerprint Security IC for Biometric Payment Cards

Scientists develop Covid-19 testing lab in a backpack

Scientists Make a New Type of Optical Device Using Alumina

Scientists make first detection of exotic “X” particles in quark-gluon plasma

Scientists simulate ‘fingerprint’ of noise on quantum computer

Silicon die teardown: a look inside an early 555 timer chip

Smart memory devices that can sense

SuperMacro Photo With Cdrom/dvd Rail and Arduino

The “door opener” for 3D printing in automotive series production

The MagPi 114

Toshiba’s Newly Launched 1200V and 1700V Silicon Carbide MOSFET Modules will Contribute to Smaller, More Efficient Industrial Equipment

Towards Superior Nanoscale Sensing and Imaging with Optimized Diamond Probes

Tracking quantum phenomena in 2D graphene

UC engineers a quieter future for drones, flying cars

Using ice to boil water: Researcher makes heat transfer discovery that expands on 18th century principle

Using nanodiamonds as sensors just got easier

Vibrating atoms make robust qubits, physicists find

Where did that sound come from? V

AI thermal camera for safe camping (Seeed+Helium+AWS) (V2)

Atomic Armor for accelerators enables discoveries

AutoStrap - a Self Tightening Strap

Camels’ noses inspire a new humidity sensor

Century-old electrochemistry law gets update

CircuitPython on Raspberry Pi (Bare Metal / No OS)

CO2 Level Indicator (4x7 Segment RGB LED Manual Calibration)

Controlling complex systems with artificial intelligence

Controlling how “odd couple” surfaces and liquids interact

Creating Value From Waste

Crystallography for the Misfit Crystals

DC Motor Controller using Relay and MOSFET – Arduino Interface V

Debugging an Arduino project with GDB on Classic ATtiny and Small ATmega MCUs

Decarbonisation tech instantly converts CO2 to solid carbon V

Decrypting the interdependence of cryptocurrencies

Desktop Analog Spectrum Analyzer V

Dual 40W Audio Power Amplifier with Mute V

Dynamite Kitchen Timer V

Edison Radio – Best Internet Radio ESP32 – Arduino V

Encapsulation as a method for preventing degradation in Li-air batteries

ESP32-CAM: TinyML Image Classification - Fruits vs Veggies

Heat-o-matic V

How robots learn to hike V

How to monitor a beehive with Arduino Nano 33BLE (bluetooth)

Introducing Serial Studio, a dashboard software for serial port projects

Introducing the ATtiny Device PCB - I2C slave devices V

IOT Solar powered Weather station V

Iron Man Walkie-Talkie (Two-Way Radio) for Texting w/ LoRa

It all comes down to the first electron

Kernel Flow: a wearable device for noninvasive optical brain imaging

Keypad Password Decoding Machine V


Largest ever 3-D map of the universe created

LED Lantern With Joule Thief

Less wattage, more brain power

Low-Cost DC Motor Direction Controller with Fast Brake using 2 Relays V

Measuring a quantum computer’s power now faster and more accurate

MediaTek Shows The World’s First Live Demos of Wi-Fi 7 Technology to Customers and Industry Leaders

Miniature CO2 Monitor With Alarm V

Multiple Output Power Source – Dual 10V (+/-10V), 5V DC, 3.3V DC from 9V Battery V

New Study Shows Novel Crystal Structure for Hydrogen Under High Pressure

Nixie Clock in a Dome

NodeMcu Solar Weather Station

Panasonic Develops MEGTRON 8 Multi-Layer Circuit Board Materials Featuring Low Transmission Loss for High-Speed Communication Networking Equipment

Perpetual Calendar With Google Calendar Connection V


Polymer upcycling of common plastic adds toughness, recyclability to structural adhesives

Pomodoro device

Quantum computing in silicon hits 99 per cent accuracy V

Raspberry Pi Direct: buy RP2040 in bulk from just $0.70

Raspberry Pi Pico 200Khz Digital Oscilloscope

Reasserting U.S. leadership in microelectronics

Researchers Use Electrically Responsive Fluid to Make Eye-Like Adaptive Lens

Samsung Introduces Game Changing Exynos 2200 Processor With Xclipse GPU Powered By AMD RDNA 2 Architecture

Scientists achieve key elements for fault-tolerant quantum computation in silicon spin qubits

Scientists overcome a hurdle on the path to renewable-energy storage

Semiconductor spin qubits gain further credibility as leading platform for quantum computing

SingleWireSerial - Arduino Library that Supports Single-Wire Half-Duplex Serial Communication

Smart Device Controller Weather Station Using IFTTT

Smart sutures to monitor deep surgical wounds

STMicroelectronics Brings Ease and Flexibility to USB Power Delivery with Digitally Programmable Synchronous Buck Converter

Superabsorption unlocks key to next generation quantum batteries

Supplino - DIY PSU

The Moon’s farside has sticky soil, Yutu-2 finds

The Quantum Field Theory on Which the Everyday World Supervenes


TI buffer amplifier increases signal bandwidth tenfold in data-acquisition systems

Toaster Oven Conversion to SMD Reflow Oven

Toshiba Releases High Voltage 1500V Automotive Photorelay

Toshiba Releases Photorelays Featuring Low Input Power and High Operating Temperature Suitable For Smart Meters

Towards compact quantum computers, thanks to topology

Towards quantum simulation of false vacuum decay

Under Speed Warning Alarm for Magnetic Pickup sensor – Frequency Controlled Switch V

Understanding the 555 Timer IC

USTC Finds a New Way Out for Flexible Electronics

Van, Go: Unveils Next-Gen Robotaxi Fleet Built on NVIDIA DRIVE Orin

When graphene speaks, scientists can now listen V

Wireless Arduino Motor Driver and Joystick Controller V

ZEVA Successfully Completes Historic First Test Flight V

A 3,400-foot-wide asteroid will make a safe flyby of Earth next week

Algorithm helps robots avoid obstacles in their path

An optical chip improved by light

Assessing Perseverance’s Seventh Sample Collection

Atom by atom: new silicon computer chip technique opens up quantum computing construction possibilities

Automatic Attendance and Classroom Environmental Monitoring

Build a 80s Style Home Computer From Scratch From Arduino Components

CapMeter - capacity meter from 10pF to 10mF

Casio Calculator External Memory (Casio FX92+) V

Computer Model Seeks to Explain the Spread of Misinformation, and Suggest Counter Measures

Dark Energy Spectroscopic Instrument (DESI) Creates Largest 3D Map of the Cosmos

DIY a Thermal Imaging Monitor

DIY Simple sensitive EMF Detector and Electroscope V

Euler’s 243-Year-Old ‘Impossible’ Puzzle Gets a Quantum Solution

Force-Sensing Telescoping EMT Conduit Pole

Graphene could replace rare metal used in mobile phone screens

How to Make a WiFi Security Camera (ESP32-CAM) DIY Wireless CCTV Camera V

How to make a wind vane! V

Light-Matter Interactions Simulated on the World’s Fastest Supercomputer

Linux Kernel 5.16 Released – And Gamers Will Love It

LucidGloves: VR Haptic Gloves on a budget V

Mass production of revolutionary computer memory moves closer with ULTRARAM™ on silicon wafers for the first time

Mastermind - Arduino guess secret code V

Micron Ships the Industry’s First 176-Layer QLC NAND in Volume and Unveils the 2400 PCIe Gen4 Client SSD

Nanowire transistor with integrated memory to enable future supercomputers

NASA’s Webb Telescope Reaches Major Milestone as Mirror Unfolds

New tiny sensor makes the invisible visible

PCI-SIG® Releases PCIe® 6.0 Specification Delivering Record Performance to Power Big Data Applications

Physicists detect a hybrid particle held together by uniquely intense “glue”


Researchers develop first fully 3D-printed, flexible OLED display V

Researchers Use Ghost Imaging to Speed Up X-ray Fluorescence Chemical Mapping

Robot Arm Automation V

Semiconductor demonstrates elusive quantum physics model

Simple Quadruped Robot V

Solving the ‘big problems’ via algorithms enhanced by 2D materials

Tackling hard computational problems

The Flexible Sensor Hand Controller V

The Smallest Keyboard V

Toshiba Expands Line-up of Ethernet Bridge ICs for Automotive Information Communications Systems and Industrial Equipment

Unusual team finds gigantic planet hidden in plain sight

Vga Boulder Crash

12th Gen Intel Core Processor for IoT Announced

3D semiconductor particles offer 2D properties

AMD Unveils New Power-Efficient, High-Performance Mobile Graphics for Premium and Thin-and-Light Laptops, and New Desktop Graphics Cards

AMD Unveils New Ryzen Mobile Processors Uniting “Zen 3+” core with AMD RDNA 2 Graphics in Powerhouse Design

An Injection of Chaos Solves Decades-Old Fluid Mystery

Arduino Height Measuring Using VL53L0X Laser Sensor V

Artificial lightning to prompt nuclear fusion

BLDC Motor and DC Brushed Motor Driver V

Bringing the Sun into the lab

Brushed DC Motor Controller Using Rotary Encoder – Arduino Compatible V

Cooling FAN Controller Using an LM35 (No MCU) V

Cosmic Background Radiation Dice V

E Ink Joins Forces with Premium Automaker Showing the BMW iX Flow Wrapped in Digital Paper Technology at CES 2022 V

Earth isn’t ‘super’ because the sun had rings before planets

Electronic shutter control for pinhole camera

Engineers develop new software tool to aid material modeling research

FAST Detects Coherent Interstellar Magnetic Field with a Technique Conceived at Arecibo

Fold My T-shirt Robot V

Heat conduction plays prominent role in droplet dynamics

How to test the limits of quantum mechanics

Intel Engineers Fastest Mobile Processor Ever with 12th Gen Intel Core Mobile


LED Sculpture Lamp

Magnetic surprise revealed in ‘magic-angle’ graphene

Mico: A PDM to USB microphone based on the Raspberry Pi RP2040 V

Micro Word Clock V


NeoPixel Punk Console V

New In-Circuit Emulator (ICE) Boosts Productivity with Feature-Rich Programming and Debugging

NUS engineers bring a soft touch to commercial robotics

NXP Advances IoT Connectivity with Industry’s First Secure Tri-Radio Device

NXP Ramps Flagship 4D Imaging Radar Chip to Production, Adds New Product Tailored for Fast-Growing L2+ Market

PALPi Version 2, final edition V

Physicist Seeks To Understand Dark Matter with Webb Telescope

Physicists watch as ultracold atoms form a crystal of quantum tornadoes

Pushing the boundaries of optics


Researchers uncover basics of common industrial catalytic processes

Revitalizing batteries by bringing ‘dead’ lithium back to life

Samsung Electronics Launches The Freestyle, a Portable Screen for Entertainment Wherever You Are

Seeing the plasma edge of fusion experiments in new ways with artificial intelligence

Silent Running With This Dual Fan Controller V

Simple Stereo FM Transmitter using an AVR Microcontroller

Snapshots from the quantum world

Sunshield Successfully Deploys on NASA’s Next Flagship Telescope V

Suppressing the Auger recombination process in quantum dots

System recognizes hand gestures to expand computer input on a keyboard

Tesla Battery Charge Reminder

The first topological acoustic transistor

The Joystick Game

The Pinouts Book V

Thermochromic Clock - Frame Version V

TI advances driver assistance technology to more accurately monitor blind spots and efficiently navigate turns and corners to safely avoid collisions

TinyOLEDdemo - I2C OLED on an ATtiny10, ATtiny13A or ATtiny202

Train your Morse Code spelling skills with Meadow

Truly revealing when a material becomes ‘glassy’

Two Servo and Drawer Slide Pen Plotter V

USB to Dupont adapter for power supply 5V Arduino Raspberry Pi

VISION-S Exhibiting at CES 2022, Entering a New Phase V

Wi-Fi CERTIFIED 6™ Release 2 adds new features for advanced Wi-Fi® applications