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Electronic shutter control for pinhole camera

Control your pinhole camera with ease with this ultimate shutter control that delivers also timer and reciprocity control.

Ultimate pinhole camera shutter control

Tired of waiting and watching seconds to run to get correct exposure with your pinhole camera. Not anymore. With this portable shutter control unit you can relax and let the Arduino do to job. Control unit is packed to be attachable different pinhole cameras with sliding shutter.


Shutter control with servo motor

Exposure time selection with rotary encoder.

Timer. 30 second timer.

Display of selected time and descending exposure duration.

LED (red) for timer and shutter status. Illuminating when timer set, blinking when timer running and illuminating when shutter open

Reciprocity selector that uses formula ta = tm^1.31 from Ilford HP5+ spec. Hard coded, so you need to change the code if need to change.

LED (yellow) indicating reciprocity selection.

Note: Check servo motor spec to meet intended operating temperature range. All servo motors are not designed to work at below zero degree (C) temperatures. Speed of servo might be slower than normally.”

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