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Arduino Reaction Time Game

Test your reaction time with this simple fast-paced button pressing game!

I built a reaction time game using an Arduino Nano!

Here’s the project:

How to build?
The build is really easy to set up.

Starting with the buttons:

- White Button to Pin 2
- Red Button to Pin 3
- Green Button to Pin 4
- Blue Button to Pin 5
- All Buttons to GND
Next, the Buzzer:

- Connect to Pin 6
- Connect to GND
(depending on your buzzer, your setup may look a little different. should be fine as long as the input pin is correct)

After that, the LED:

- Connect red channel to Pin 9
- Connect green channel to Pin 10
- Connect blue channel to Pin 11
- Connect to GND
- Place 220 Ohm resistors between cables and LED on the color channels

Finally, the display:

- VCC to 5V
- GND to GND
- DIO to Pin 7
- CLK to Pin 8
You will also need the TM1637 Library, which you can find here.

How to play?
Here’s the game:

Upon uploading the code, the game will begin.

The LED will blink 3 times. Red, Orange, then Yellow. The buzzer will also make a countdown sound. After the 3rd beep, the game actually starts.

Main Rules
The LED will display a random color.

Click the button that is the same as that color. Doing this successfully will give you a point, and the display will update.

Click a button that doesn’t correspond to the color, and nothing happens. (challenge: try to code in a penalty for getting it wrong :D)

The game will last 30 seconds.

After the 30 seconds, a long beep will happen and the game freezes.

Your total points will blink on the display.”

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