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Number Maze Game

This is a handheld game that displays a 4x4 matrix of numbers representing a logic maze, and you have to solve the maze by pressing the buttons

Your position in the maze is shown by the decimal point, and you can move it around the maze using the four arrow buttons. If you get to Home, labelled H, the speaker plays a tune, and you can then move to the next maze. The game contains a series of 12 different mazes of increasing difficulty.

It’s based on four low-cost 4-digit seven-segment displays controlled by an AVR128DA32 microcontroller, and it’s powered by two AA cells.

At about this time of year I try and think of a game project to build as a present for one or two younger friends and relations. This year I’ve come up with an electronic version of a classic type of logic maze, called a Number Maze or Jumping Maze [1]. You start on an initial square, and the number on each square shows how far you can jump from that square horizontally or vertically. The aim is to reach a goal in the smallest number of steps.”

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