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An alien-themed slot machine powered by an ATtiny85 microprocessor. Odds and payouts emulate typical slot machines found in casinos.

A while ago, I was looking at the Arduino Slot Machine by seawarrior181. It seemed a good project to modify and try to get it to run on an ATtiny85 microprocessor. I decided not to include the 4 line LCD display because the statistics wasn’t my primary goal. (It still calculates and stores all the statistics that seawarrior181’s version has, it just doesn’t display them). Also I did away with multiple buttons. It means that the players bet is fixed and is the same on every spin (much like a real slot machine).

I kept the sound and payout routines and re-wrote the rest of the code. My final version uses 6850 bytes Flash (83% on an ATtiny85) and 196 bytes SRAM (38%) giving 316 bytes of stack space.

To achieve this, the reel symbols have been moved to Flash memory, variables have been reduced to 8 bit where it was appropriate to do so and the code footprint reduced by more efficient coding.”

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