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A fully 3D printed battery operated Simon game with score, sound and deep sleep mode.

Recently giobbino, a fellow Hackster, uploaded a 3D printed version of a Simon game clone. I liked the case in this design because it was a lot closer to the original Simon game. Unfortunately the 3D printer files are not included so I had to design my own. Also I have always felt that the game should show feedback with a running sequence count, hence the reason why my builds always show the sequence length achieved so far in the game.

While my previous builds used the Arduino Pro Mini, this time I wanted to use a more modern CPU with a very low power sleep mode. So this version is designed to use a ATtiny1614 processor. I also used a TM1650 display driver to drive the 2-digit 7-segment display. Because the TM1650 still draws around 5mA when all the segments are off, the power line to the chip is controlled via the CPU using a P-Channel MOSFET as a switch.

As this design includes a 7 segment display, the unit itself needed to be physically bigger than giobbino’s version. This meant the game buttons are longer. Having a long button top pivoting on a single physical switch means when the game button is pressed on the outer edge, it might fail to actually activate the single physical switch. So my design uses a single LED and two push switches per button. This allows the game button to activate the switch reliably no matter where the user presses it.”

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