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Covid-19 Heart Monitoring System using Arduino

The Heart monitoring system is the most common management system to detect heart attacks and expected heart failure, before the ECG monitoring system. In this project, I will describe the development of an effective heart monitoring system with the help of Arduino, OLED, and pulse sensors.

If you are planning to develop a project that solves a particular problem that this project is specified for you. Currently, the heart monitoring system is too expensive, while the Covid-19 increases it demand therefore it has become difficult for the common man to buy such a type of system.

This post instructs you to develop a heart monitoring system step by step with the help of a circuit diagram and code with instructions, so you don’t need to go anywhere else for its development.

What exactly the Arduino Plus monitor is?

This project is a plug-and-play device that can accurately monitor the heartbeat of the person instantly whenever someone places their finger on the sensor.

What is Arduino pulse Rate Monitor?
This is a USB-powered or plug-and-play device that can show the rate of heartbeat very instantly as soon as the fingers are placed on the sensor.

This project isn’t much expensive to build and anyone with basic experience of Arduino can easily build and develop this project.

How Does Pulse Rate Monitor Works
The basic principle of the working of the heart plus monitoring system depends upon the working of the pulse sensor.”

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