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ACCM Shields v1 & v2 for Arduino UNO

AC Digital Clamp and Meter

This project reflects the second stage of work with the Prototype of Current Clamp with accounting and triggering capabilities.

ACCM Concepts
Sinusoidal currents inside electric cables produce a variable and also sinusoidal electromagnetic field. Thanks to the electrical induction physical property, the sct013 sensor (a copper coil and a resistor in parallel) produces a voltage as output which is related to the fluctuations of the electromagnetic fields around the wire going through the sct013 clamp.

Then, based on user frequency settings, the software will try to catch analog sample of data of exactly a period. It will then calculate min and max values over the period and the effective value of the sct013 output and then convert it into a current value (conversion ratio depends of sct013 model).

Final work consist in energy accounting (kWh) and triggering amount of energy used (Wh) or money spent (€) in order to produce an action : the prototype produces a blue led flash.

ACCMv2 Features
Small OLED Display to report to end-user

Fast and fine autocalibration process end-user can launch any time

4 individual SCT lines monitored

Group or Single view (current, power, accounting, budget, noise)

Freq range : 0-500Hz (16 points at 500Hz, 160 points at 50Hz)

Detect power on the lines (red led)

Count user defined energy amount (in Wh) or bill amount (blue led)

Power consumption : 0.25W/h (0.05A)”

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