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A High Efficiency Buck Converter for 100W COB LED V

A new chip for decoding data transmissions demonstrates record-breaking energy efficiency

A new way for quantum computing systems to keep their cool

A Trial Run for Smart Streaming Readouts

Anti-Dust Tech Paves Way for Self-Cleaning Surfaces V

Arduino Barometer + Barograph with BME280 Sensor V

Arduino Skeleton Seven-Segment Clock V

Bluetooth SIG Introduces Wireless Standard for Electronic Shelf Label Market

Breaking out of the Chip Shortage - Attempt 1

Breakthrough Enables Battery-free Smart Tag Technology

Build Your Own Massive LED Wall on a Budget V

Chinese scientists scramble to wake Mars rover, plan to send probe to investigate, sources say

Clock That Is Wrong

Custom, 3D-printed heart replicas look and pump just like the real thing V

DIY Wi-Fi sensor, no programming, no soldering required*

Electronic metadevices break barriers to ultra-fast communications

ESP32 E-Paper Weather Display

Euclid electromagnetic compatibility tests successful

Farming on the Moon

Finding new life for plastic waste

For the first time, it’s possible to record long-term electrical activity in a single brain cell

Green light for Dutch LISA-contribution

HackSpace magazine #64

Home Automation Board with ESP8266 Dual Output V

Home Automation Board with NODEMCU Six Outputs V

How Digital Twins Could Protect Manufacturers From Cyberattacks

How to Make a Mini Fridge V

IBM, Vodafone, and GSMA Members Outline Critical Pathways to Protect Telcos Against Quantum-Era Cyberthreats

Influence of Electric Fields on the Thermal Properties of Ferroelectric Materials

KiCad Version 7.0.0 Released

Let there be (controlled) light

Linux Kernel 6.2 Released, This is What’s New

Make your own drum machine: a $70 DIY creation built on Teensy V

‘Metasurface’ technology: researchers pave the way for flatter and more energy-efficient screens

ML Hat Cam V

Nanoparticles Self-Assemble to Harvest Solar Energy

NASA’s Perseverance Rover Set to Begin Third Year at Jezero Crater V

Neuromorphic camera and machine learning aid nanoscopic imaging

New analysis method developed for nano and quantum materials V

New chip for mobile devices knocks out unwanted signals

New design enhances durability of inverted perovskite solar cells

New microcontrollers from STMicroelectronics expand STM32U5 series, raising performance and energy efficiency for IoT and embedded applications

New Quantum Sensing Technique Reveals Magnetic Connections

New superalloy could cut carbon emissions from power plants

On the Road to Better Solid-State Batteries

Our progress toward quantum error correction V

Physicists Create New Model of Ringing Black Holes

Pingo Color Clock by Illusionmanager V

PT-1000 Based Temperature Meter -Arduino

Ramping up domestic graphite production could aid the green energy transition

Raspberry Pi Debug Probe: a plug-and-play debug kit for $12

Renesas Collaborates with AMD to Demo Full RF and Digital Front-End Design for 5G Active Antenna Systems

Renesas Develops Technologies for Automotive Communication Gateway SoCs

Renesas Presents Wireless Power Transmitter Technology for Portable Device Charging at ISSCC

Researchers Discover Mysterious Source of ‘Heartbeat-like’ Radio Bursts in a Solar Fare

Reverse-engineering the interrupt circuitry in the Intel 8086 processor

SAJAC PROJECT : Smart Jacket for Caving V

Samsung Electronics’ World-Class 5nm Technology Selected by Ambarella for New Automotive AI Central Domain Controller

Sandwitch Dot IO Display Board V

Single Channel LoRa Gateway using Wio E5 LoRa and Blynk

Soft Robots Take Steps toward Independence

STMicroelectronics reveals ultra-compact, low-power, NB-IoT industrial modules with GNSS geo-location capability

Study Finds Venus’ ‘Squishy’ Outer Shell May Be Resurfacing the Planet

Talking Wood / Pellet Stove High Temperature Sensor

Tapered optical fiber addresses challenge posed by Brillouin scattering

The Lion lamp

The MagPi 127

Theory can sort order from chaos in complex quantum systems V

Turn your CRT television into an audio waveform visualizer! V

Umass Amherst Researchers Invent “Electronic Nose” Built With Sustainably Sourced Microbial Nanowires That Could Revolutionize Health Monitoring


Water Quality Monitoring System Based on IOT

XIAO ESP32C3 and ChatGPT Usage

Arduino Based Concrete Clock With Touchless Night Lamp V

Beyond Lithium: A Promising Cathode Material for Magnesium Rechargeable Batteries

Breadboard Gameboy V

Build your own Raspberry Pi weather station with weather forecast and ESP32 wireless sensors

Candy Box Gameboy V

Creating 3D objects with sound

CryptMaster 2001

Deep learning for quantum sensing

DIY Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Detector

Earthquake Scientists Have a New Tool in the Race to Find the Next Big One

Energy Monitoring Module for any Dev Board V

Engineered wood grows stronger while trapping carbon dioxide

Engineers discover a new way to control atomic nuclei as “qubits”

Eurorack 4-channel mixer with VU meter

FAMU-FSU researchers find thermal limits of advanced nanomaterials

First Satellite Observatory for Quantum Optical Communication in Israel V

Four classes of planetary systems

Gelāre: Depth-sensing & EdgeImpulse powered Assistive-Robots V

High-per­for­mance com­puter with quan­tum copro­ces­sor

How a Record-Breaking Copper Catalyst Converts CO2 Into Liquid Fuels V

How a sandwich is transforming electronics

How to pull carbon dioxide out of seawater

How to visualize how WS2812 LEDs work

Intel Launches New Xeon Workstation Processors – the Ultimate Solution for Professionals

IoT weather station with Seeed Studio

JFET-based infinite impedance detector for AM-demodulation V

Lazy Mini Grid

Mechanical engineering meets electromagnetics to enable future technology

MediaTek Launches Dimensity 7200 to Amplify Gaming and Photography Smartphone Experiences

Multipurpose USB UART Module

NASA’s Perseverance Rover Shows Off Collection of Mars Samples

NASA’s Webb Reveals Intricate Networks of Gas, Dust in Nearby Galaxies

New Model of Quark-Gluon Plasma Solves a Long-Standing Discrepancy between Theory and Data

Perovskites, a ‘dirt cheap’ alternative to silicon, just got a lot more efficient

Princeton in space: NASA’s IMAP mission clears critical hurdle to launch

Proposed quantum device may succinctly realize emergent particles such as the Fibonacci anyon

Qualcomm Sparks the Next Phase of 5G With the World’s First 5G Advanced-Ready Modem-RF System

Researchers detail never-before-seen properties in a family of superconducting Kagome metals

Samsung Introduces Easily Regenerable Air Purification Filter Technology Applying Photocatalysts

Scientists Can Now Map Lightning in 3D

Securing supply chains with quantum computing

Sensing water for smarter agriculture

Silicon reverse-engineering: the Intel 8086 processor’s flag circuitry

STMicroelectronics introduces highly integrated 32-channel ultrasound transmitter optimized for handheld scanners

STMicroelectronics reveals broad selection of antenna-matching RF integrated passive devices for STM32WL MCUs

Study demonstrates energy-efficient conversion of nitrate pollutants into ammonia


Tsunami in a water glass

Two-dimensional oxides open door for high-speed electronics

Using combustion to make better batteries

Using WiFi to Monitor Sensor Data

VISTA X-62 Advancing Autonomy And Changing The Face Of Air Power

Western Digital Brings Milestone Capacity to Everyday Consumers as Data Creation Continues to Soar

Working with MR24HPC1 V

A new ring system discovered in our Solar System

An exoplanet that could host life

Atom-thin walls could smash size, memory barriers in next-gen devices

Autonomous Driving Car V2

Autonomous driving: New algorithm distributes risk fairly

China’s FAST Telescope Detects More Than 740 Pulsars

CircuitPython 8.0.0 Released

Compact, non-mechanical 3D lidar system could make autonomous driving safer

Decorative Analog LED Strip IoT Clock V

DIY Arduino Slot Car Timer and Lap Counter V

Engineers devise a modular system to produce efficient, scalable aquabots

Entan­gled atoms across the Inns­bruck quan­tum net­work

Fake Parallel Printer - A Parallel Port Traffic Capturing Tool

Getting ROM Dumps by Post V

How to reverse unknown quantum processes

Induction Heater, Power Supply, and HV Source from CFL Bulb V

IoT assistive device

LEVITATING BANANA - Electromagnetic Levitation V

Machine-learning models, guided by physics, will improve subsurface imaging

Microscopy Images Could Lead to New Ways to Control Excitons for Quantum Computing

NASA’s Curiosity Finds Surprise Clues to Mars’ Watery Past V

NASA’s NuSTAR Telescope Reveals Hidden Light Shows on the Sun

New polymers could enable better wearable devices

New Sodium, Aluminum Battery Aims to Integrate Renewables for Grid Resiliency

NodeMCU, ESP8266 and ESP32 Spy Microphone Arduino code

Paper Sundial Kits

Princeton scientists measure quantum correlations between molecules for the first time

Qualcomm Introduces the World’s First 5G NR-Light Modem-RF System to Fuel a New Wave of 5G Devices

Quantum breakthrough: Chinese scientists realize faster way of quantum key distribution

Quantum physics: Microwaves direct the interplay of waltzing molecules

Raspberry Pi Pico W - MicroPython MQTT - BMP/BME 280 Weather V

RS-232 Magellan/SpaceMouse with modern software

Scientists boost quantum signals while reducing noise

Scientists develop graphene aerogel particles for efficient water purification

SEEED Wio Terminal LoRa MQTT Gateway using Arduino IDE

Shouting Rock

Simple CAN BUS Logger with PICO

Solving a machine-learning mystery

SpaceX successfully test fires Starship booster in last key step before orbital launch

STMicroelectronics’ integrated flyback controller with advanced features boosts LED lighting performance

STMicroelectronics reveals scalable, feature-rich automotive high-side drivers leveraging advanced power technology

Sussex scientists make breakthrough in developing quantum computers that can solve big challenges of our time

This mathematician went to infinity to bridge two ways of looking at the world

Toshiba Releases Intelligent Power Devices That Help Reduce Mounting Areas

Tuning Local Coordination of Catalysts for Better Lithium-Sulfur Batteries

Upcycled plastic membrane helps clean up waste V

Watching Out for Radiation

Webb Detects Extremely Small Main Belt Asteroid

3D Printed Servo Motor V

A machine that learns to learn

A neuro-chip to manage brain disorders

A new ATLAS for the high-luminosity era

ACCM Shields v1 & v2 for Arduino UNO

An illuminated water droplet creates an ‘optical atom’

Analogue solution offers answers to some of quantum physics’ biggest questions

Astronomers observe light bending around an isolated white dwarf

Bootloader In STM32

Citizen Science Badge V

Designer molecules may help valuable minerals float

Desktop Weather Display V

DIY Protected Lithium Battery Charger (TP4056) V

Driving VFD tubes with an Arduino Nano


Engineers invent vertical, full-color microscopic LEDs

‘Ghostly’ neutrinos provide new path to study protons

Home automation blossoms with Arduino’s Plant Watering Kit

Indoor Positioning by LoRaWAN

ISS Tracker Using a Raspberry Pico

ITMO Students Make a Battery That Can Be Wirelessly Recharged up to 500 Times

Legged robots need more testing before real-world use V

Lily∞Bot Version 2: Open Source Robot for Academics

Make Your Doorbell Smart With an ESP8266 V

Microsoft, university researchers use AI to aid in study of ancient script on China’s “oracle bones”

NASA’s Perseverance Rover Completes Mars Sample Depot

New Carbon Nanotube Yarn Harvests Mechanical Energy

New form of ice is like a snapshot of liquid water

Nordic Semiconductor announces availability of the nRF7002 companion IC and nRF7002 Development Kit, enabling developers to easily create innovative, low power Wi-Fi 6 IoT applications

Passive radiative cooling can be controlled electrically

Physicists observe rare resonance in molecules for the first time

Rambus Delivers 6400 MT/s DDR5 Registering Clock Driver to Advance Server Memory Performance

Researchers complete first real-world study of Martian helicopter dust dynamics V

Researchers create first supermode optical resonator

Researchers devise a new path toward ‘quantum light’

Researchers find ways to improve the storage time of quantum information in a spin rich material

Researchers take a step toward novel quantum simulators

Researchers use lead recycled from car batteries to make photodetectors

Resolving a Synchro Shaft Angle Using Modern Hardware

Rinse and Repeat: An Easy New Way to Recycle Batteries is Here V

Samsung Electronics Achieves Life Cycle Assessment Verification on Product Carbon Footprint for Semiconductors

Scientists release newly accurate map of all the matter in the universe

Seawater split to produce green hydrogen


Smart Air Quality Monitoring System

SpaceX launches heaviest payload on Falcon 9 rocket V

Stability of perovskite solar cells reaches next milestone

Stanford scientists illuminate barrier to next-generation battery that charges very quickly

STMicroelectronics reveals single-chip antenna-matching ICs for easier, faster design with Bluetooth® LE SoCs and STM32 wireless microcontrollers

STMicroelectronics simplifies high-efficiency two-port USB-PD adapters with ST-ONEMP digital controller

STMicroelectronics unveils world’s first MCU Edge-AI Developer Cloud

Study: Superconductivity switches on and off in “magic-angle” graphene

The research team of BIT has made progress in the design of electrolyte for lithium battery ultra-fast charging and low-temperature battery

Thin, Lightweight Layer Provides Radiation Barrier for Perovskites in Space, Protection From Elements on Earth

To decarbonize the chemical industry, electrify it

Toshiba Releases Automotive 40V N-channel Power MOSFETs with New High Heat Dissipation Package that Supports Larger Currents for Automotive Equipment

Turning a $10 kitchen scale into a WiFi smart scale for Home Assistant

Understanding the x86’s Decimal Adjust after Addition (DAA) instruction

World Wide Web Consortium is now a public-interest nonprofit organization