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ESP32 E-Paper Weather Display

A low-power E-Paper weather display powered by an ESP32 microcontroller. Utilizes the OpenWeatherMap API.

This is a weather display powered by a wifi-enabled ESP32 microcontroller and a 7.5in E-Paper (aka E-ink) display. Current and forecasted weather data is obtained from the OpenWeatherMap API. A sensor provides the display with accurate indoor temperature and humidity.

The project draws ~14μA when sleeping and an estimated average of ~83mA during its ~10s wake period. The display can be configured to update as frequently as desired. When the refresh interval is set to 30 minutes, the device will run for >6 months on a single 5000mAh battery. The project displays accurate battery life percentage and can be recharged via a USB-C cable connected to a wall adapter or computer.

There are configuration options for everything from location, time/date formats, units, and language to air quality index scale and hourly outlook graph bounds.

The hourly outlook graph (bottom right) shows a line indicating temperature and shaded bars indicating probability of precipitation.”

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