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Professional Weather Station Using ESP8266 and ESP32 DIY

LineaMeteoStazione is a complete weather station which can be interfaced with professional sensors from Sensirion as well as some Davis Instrument component (Rain Gauge, Anemometer)
The project is aimed as DIY weather station but just requiring the assembly part, because the boards will already be given programmed by me as well as the complete PCB. The code will be shared Opensource for the people who wants to try to do it from the beginning or modify it!
YOU CAN FIND THE WEATHER STATION IN WeatherCloud, Wunderground and LineaMeteo (Italian Weather network!) (Anemometer is not Installed) and here also a Version in THINGSPEAK for the comparation between SHT3x and SHT1x. I’m using the SHT1x at the moment to monitor the temperature inside the weatherproof box, but you can use it also to monitor ground temperature and humidity or other purposes!

It works with a combination of ESP8266 and ESP32 development boards and is composed mainly of 3 devices:

1. DEVICE 1: WEMOS D1 MINI PRO(New Version) + designed PCB (Need to be installed OUTSIDE) AND SOLAR PANEL This is the part which will be outside and it consist in one development board and the PCB. It is used to collect the weather data which will be sent to the Firebase of Google. The data is collected in real time from each sensor, but the upload time is selectable in the settings of the weather station which will be explained in the manual after. The maximum and minimum temperature will be collected in real time. Below the photo of the complete unit:

2. DEVICE 2: WEMOS D1 MINI PRO(Old Version)
This is the part that handle all the network communications and it also collect the data from the Firebase of Google. The duties of the board consist in:
- Collecting the data
- Sharing some data to an IP Address in a format ready to be used to communicate with LineaMeteo weather network.
- Send Data to weathercloud
- Send Data to wunderground
- Send Data to Thingspeak

The case is 3D printed from

3. DEVICE 3: LOLIND32 ESP32 + PCB designed + INK Display
This is the part that just handle the visualization of the data on the display and it has also a sensor that collects data of air quality, pressure, temperature and humidity. The display used is a 4.2 Inch ink display, can be used a WaweShare or GoodDisplay brands.

The case is 3D printed from:
Box for ePaper + ESP32 Information Display by sidoh10 - Thingiverse”

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