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Low cost Outdoor Air Quality Monitoring System

This Project will present an open source Low Cost Air Quality Monitoring System by using free Cloud and Open source hardware.

Air Quality is the biggest issue of current century and it’s growing day by day due to rapid growth of industries specially under developed countries are facing very negative impact on human beings as well as on other living organisms due to air pollution. To combat with pollution firstly we need a system to measure the pollution so that all the stake holders of the system take mandatory measurements to protect the environment. There are many devices in the market for air quality monitoring but expensive to sort out the issue I have developed a device with low cost open source controllers and sensors to carry out that project with free cloud services.

To complete the project we need below hardware & software.

1-Wemos D1 Mini
2-MQ-135 (Air Quality Sensor)
3-DHT11/DHT22 (Temperature & Humidity Sensor)
4-Breadboard or PCB you can order from here”

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