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Soil Moisture Sensor - Water Pump - Water Level Sensor - MOSFET - Circuit - Code

This project shows how to build a self-watering system whose values can be monitored through an app. The project includes both a breadboard circuit and a printed circuit board design. The project measures both the water level sensor and the soil moisture sensor value and runs the system within the specified time interval, and the self-watering function is executed.

Although the breadboard circuit of the project looks complicated you can build the circuit by following the shared circuit diagram, and you can test that all components work correctly. The circuit uses a Neopixel LED for ultraviolet light, a water level measurement sensor, a soil moisture measurement sensor, a MOSFET that acts as a switch to activate the motor, and of course the water pump motor.

- Wemos D1 Mini (ESP8266) x1
- 16V 100uF Capacitors x2
- Soil Moisture Sensor x1
- Water Level Sensor x1
- Water Pump Motor DC 3.3V - 5V x1
- 330ohm Resistor x1
- 10K Resistor x1
- IRFZ44N Mosfet x 1
- 5V 1A Power Supply
- Jumper Wires
- Breadboard

An important warning, leave the power connection of the water pump motor wire before connecting the circuit to your computer to upload the source code.”

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