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Automatic irrigation of 3 plants of Pothos, through the use of Wemos (ESP8266).

The project aimed to wet the plants of Epipremnum aureum, commonly known as Pothos or Scindapsus aureus. These plants are found in the Prototyping laboratory of school “G.Vallauri” in Fossano and they are positioned near the ProtoMAX water jet machine. The purpose of this experience is precisely to water the plants by using the water used by the water jet machine. This appliance, during its processing, expels the water used outside; this water, after being suitably filtered, is conveyed into a bucket where there is a pump that will start to wet the 3 plants. In addition, the work required is to use the Blink software and Telegram to be able to control and if necessary also manually operate the system and the detectic data. To collect the data we used a capacitive soil moisture sensor, and an ultrasonic sensor to detect the volume of water in the bucket by measuring the height, and to find out the prevalence of the pump we used Bernulli’s theorem as shown in the following photo.”

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