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Active Rectifier Controller with Reverse Protection for Battery and Solar cell V

AI- Personal Fitness Trainer V

Algorithm Uses Mass Spectrometry Data to Predict Identity of Molecules

An artificial leaf made from semiconducting polymers

Arduino DVD motor

Arduino M&M Color Sorter V

Atomic-scale tailoring of graphene approaches macroscopic world

ATtiny85 - Spectrum Analyzer on RGB Led Matrix 16x20 V

Audio Visualizer using Raspberry Pi V

Bluepill Diagnostics V1.6

breadWare V

CaribouLite - 6GHz SDR HAT for Raspberry Pi

Changing a 2D Material’s Symmetry Can Unlock Its Promise

CIBER-2 experiment successfully completes first flight

Common Perovskite Superfluoresces at High Temperatures

Compact quantum com­puters for server centers

Cutting Perovskite: Scientists Succeed in Shaping Microscopic Monocrystals Without Loss of Quality

Deej - a Physical Volume Mixer V

DIY DC to DC Buck Converter (Step Down)

DIY Water Level Indicator

Escape From Flatland: Calibration Method Enables Microscopes to Make Accurate Measurements in All 3 Dimensions

ESP8266 ESP-01 Smart Door / Smart Intercom V

Exotic superconductors: The Secret that wasn’t there

First Clear View of a Boiling Cauldron Where Stars are Born

Future of perovskite solar cells shines a little brighter V

Going the distance to confirm a galaxy with almost no dark matter

Graphene ‘camera’ captures real-time electrical activity of beating heart V

Health Monitor

Health Network Wearable: Remote patient monitoring system

Homemade CNC Machine From DC Servo Motors and Wooden Wine Boxes V

How physics breaks down in a black hole

How To Make Lithium-Ion Batteries Invincible

Infrared Remote Decoder/Tester V

Ingeniously Two-Dimensional

Innovative Ultra High Density Offline Power Solutions from ON Semiconductor

Introducing Windows 11 V

Laser Harp

Let there be light! New tech for night vision

Light-harvesting nanoparticle catalysts show promise in quest for renewable carbon-based fuels

Lora Weather Station With Arduino V

Lor’s matrix glasses V

Low-cost imaging technique shows how smartphone batteries could charge in minutes

Make An Arduino Tic Tac Toe Game With An AI Opponent V

Maxim Integrated’s Essential Analog Supervisor Delivers Industry’s First Automotive Window Voltage Monitor with Built-In Self-Test for Advanced Driver Assistance Systems

Meringue-like material could make aircraft as quiet as a hairdryer

Metal catalysts used for environmental sustainability found to degrade and become less effective

Microchip Boosts Gallium Nitride (GaN) Radio Frequency (RF) Portfolio with Ka-band Monolithic Microwave Integrated Circuit (MMIC) with High Linearity for SatCom Terminals

Modeling A Circular Economy For Electronic Waste

MXenes – the future of nanotechnology

Neotron Pico

New Cold Atom Source Lays Groundwork for Portable Quantum Devices

New Family of 700V Buck Regulators From Renesas Offers Unmatched Feature Set for Home Appliances, Smart Homes, Sensing Systems, Power Meters and Industrial Controls

New high-speed method for spectroscopic measurements

New material can increase boiler efficiency

New Quantum Repeaters Could Enable a Scalable Quantum Internet

New Research Brings Age Of 65M-Year-Old Meteorite Impact Into Sharper Focus

New Type of Machine Learning Aids Earthquake Risk Prediction

Nordic Sense Gloves V

Office Clock using RaspberryPi

Panasonic Commercializes a New Semiconductor Substrate Material Designed to Improve Reliability

Physicists at Georgia Tech and engineers at UC Santa Barbara are exploring the shallow underground world with a burrowing soft robot V

Physicists bring human-scale object to near standstill, reaching a quantum state

Posture Watchdog V

Programable LEDstrip Module 1.0, 2.0

Rock crystals from the deep give microscopic clues to earthquake ground movements

Samsung Introduces New 5G Radio with Integrated Antennas

Scientists develop energy saving technique which could help pave way for a carbon neutral society

Scientists Find Simple Method to Enhance Responsivity of Terahertz Radiation Detectors by 3.5 Folds

Solar energy collectors grown from seeds

Sound-Induced Electric Fields Control the Tiniest Particles

SPI Interface Code for Pmod ALS (8-bit ADC) in Verilog

STM32 Tiny Monitor V

STMicroelectronics Extends STM32G0 Microcontroller Series with USB-C Full Speed Dual Role Port, CAN FD, and Larger Memory

Supersonic-jet R&D takes flight in Japan’s aerospace sector

Team streamlines neural networks to be more adept at computing on encrypted data

The full Strawberry Moon, the last supermoon of 2021, rises tonight! Here’s what to expect

The LEGO Group reveals first prototype LEGO® brick made from recycled plastic V

The MagPI 107

The NEORV32 RISC-V Processor

Toshiba’s New Device Structure Improves SiC MOSFET High Temperature Reliability and Reduces Power Loss

Ultralight material withstands supersonic microparticle impacts

University of Groningen scientists design superfast molecular motor

3D Printer Monitor using Wemos D1 Mini

A No-Cost Solution To Add WiFi To A Raspbery Pi Pico

A one-bit processor explained: reverse-engineering the vintage MC14500B

A Spatiotemporal Symphony of Light V

AI System-On-Chip Runs On Solar Power V

Among Us Backpack

ArcadeHID - Multi-HID Arcade Interface

Arduino OLED Spectrum Analyzer

Arduino Tone One Year On! V

Astronomers spot a ‘blinking giant’ near the centre of the Galaxy

Automatic Solar Powered Chicken Door

Automatic USB mains switch for USB-controlled power strip

Automatic Water Level Controller for Pump using 555 Timer IC V

Automatic Window Roller Blinds

Book Conservation Chamber Using Raspberry Pi

Build an Auduino Step Sequencer V

China unveils images of Mars taken by Zhurong rover, marking success of first Mars exploration mission

Clearing the way toward robust quantum computing

Collaboration uncovers unique properties of a promising new material

Combining classical and quantum computing opens door to new discoveries V

Correlated errors in quantum computers emphasize need for design changes

Create a Webserver Using ESP01 and STM32F401CCUx V

Digital Controlled Bench Power Supply

Discovery of a rare superconductor may be vital for the future of quantum computing

DIY Glove Controlled Robotic Hand V

DIY Mini UPS for WiFi Router V4.0 V

Electrohydraulic arachno-bot a fascinating lightweight V

Fifth GPS III Satellite Takes to the Skies V

Flower Monitoring using Raspberry Pi & Arduino V

Fraunhofer goes quantum: IBM’s Quantum System One comes to Europe V

Frequency Generator and Frequency Counter for Pro Micro

HackSpace magazine #44

Hand Gesture Controller for Robotic V

Heart beat, SPO2 and body temperature remote patient monitor V

Home Security Smart Clock IoT Emergency App Notification V

Hourglass Using Arduino V

How a supermassive black hole originates

How to Make a Metal Bender V

How To Use Lora With Arduino V

Infrared TV Remote Using ESP32(with Android App)

Intel Unveils Infrastructure Processing Unit

LED Circuit Sculpture

Low Profile 2 Channel Solid State Relay for AC Loads V

Making a Prototype With Arduino (TIM-01 EYES) V

Market-Optimized 3nm Physical IP for Armv9-based CPUs

Microchip Simplifies Deployment of Wi-Fi 6 Access Points and Small Cell Nodes with First Multiport, Multigigabit PoE Injector

Miniature robots controlled by magnetic fields V

Morsibug: The Morse Machine

Near-field routing of hyperbolic metamaterials

New invention keeps qubits of light stable at room temperature

New method makes generic polymers luminescent

Novel chirped pulses defy ‘conventional wisdom’

Novel Materials: Sound Waves Traveling Backwards

ON Semiconductor Announces Integrated Solutions for Industrial Motor Drives at APEC 2021

Operations Underway to Restore Payload Computer on NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope

Piano Metronome

PicoVGA - VGA/TV display on Raspberry Pico

Portable technology offers boost for nuclear security, arms control

Printing Flexible Wearable Electronics for Smart Device Applications

Quantum-nonlocality at all speeds

Raspberry Pi Pico Based Temperature Controller

Renesas Unlocks Personalized Air Quality Experiences With Ultra-Low Power ZMOD4510 Outdoor Air Quality Sensor Platform

Researchers 3D Print Rotating Microfilter for Lab-on-a-Chip Applications

Researchers discover a key cause of energy loss in spintronic materials

Resettable E-Fuse

Rice lab peers inside 2D crystal synthesis V

Samsung Brings Flagship Features to Broader Smartphone Market With LPDDR5 Multichip Package

Samsung Electronics and University of California Santa Barbara Demonstrate 6G Terahertz Wireless Communication Prototype

Samsung Researchers Prove the Viability of Commercialized ‘Stretchable’ Devices

Shenzhou-12 astronauts enter space station core module

Simple AM Radio Transmitter & Receiver V

Smart Irrigation V

STMicroelectronics Introduces Cost-Efficient NFC Transceiver Enabling New Application Areas and Easing Customer Interaction

The Electron Merry-Go-Round

Toshiba and Japan Semiconductor Demonstrate Simultaneous Optimization of ESD Tolerance and Power Efficiency for High Voltage LDMOS for Automotive Analog ICs

UK builds first modular quantum brain sensor and records signal

Unlocking the potential of blockchain technology

Using micro-ROS on the Raspberry Pi Pico

UW researchers can turn a single photo into a video

Webserver Using Pi Pico and ESP01

WiFi Signal Strength Scanner Monitor or Checker V

Wilson - the IoT Hat

An atom chip interferometer that could detect quantum gravity

An atomic look at lithium-rich batteries

Atom swapping could lead to ultra-bright, flexible next generation LEDs

Cabling for Large Hadron Collider Upgrade Project Reaches Halfway Mark

China maintains ‘artificial sun’ at 120 million Celsius for over 100 seconds, setting new world record

DHT22 Data to Google sheet Using ESP8266 without credential

Efficiently “switching on” bacteria to produce high-value chemicals

ESP32 Plant Monitoring with Arduino IOT Cloud Remote App V

Hearing Substitution Using Haptic Feedback

Hola, South America! Announcing the Firmina subsea cable

IR Based Line Following Robot From Scratch (No Microcontroller) V


LED Running Lights V

Less nosy smart speakers V

Lighting Up Ultrafast Magnetism in a Metal Oxide

Long term dust monitoring using GP2Y1014AU0F and Blynk

Low power ESP8266 sensor data logger V

Magnetism Drives Metals to Insulators in New Experiment

Mars helicopter Ingenuity aces 7th flight on the Red Planet

Maxim Integrated Announces Smallest and Most Accurate Isolated System-Monitoring Solution

Microscope reveals the secrets of a material’s structure

MIT study compares the four largest internet meganetworks

Mixing solutions in the world’s smallest test tubes

Morse Code Iambic Trainer and Decoder


Nanoengineering integrates crystals that don’t usually get along

NASA Selects 2 Missions to Study ‘Lost Habitable’ World of Venus

NASA’s Perseverance Rover Begins Its First Science Campaign on Mars V

New drug-formulation method may lead to smaller pills

New Form Of Silicon Could Enable Next-Gen Electronic And Energy Devices

New generation of supercapacitors set to electrify green transportation

New light on making two-dimensional polymers

Novel liquid crystal metalens offers electric zoom

ON Semiconductor Announces New Full Silicon Carbide MOSFET Module Solutions for Charging Electric Vehicles at APEC 2021

Online ‘library of properties’ helps to create safer nanomaterials


Page-Roberts reveals EV design concept capable of 30% longer range

Physicists determine how auroras are created

Planck Constant Apparatus and Calculations

Portable Foldable Scoreboard V

Portable Thermal Imaging with the MiniZed

Quality Campaign for Better Batteries

Radiation-Hardened MOSFET Qualified for Commercial and Military Satellites and Space Power Solutions

Researchers make ultracompact on-chip computational infrared spectrometer

Researchers Realize Unconventional Coherent Control of Solid-state Spin Qubits

Researchers tame silicon to interact with light for next-generation microelectronics

RFID based Attendance system using Arduino and External EEPROM

RoboCat: a Pet Without the Mess V

Robotic Arm (with linear actuators) V

Run LEDs From 1 Volt

Samsung Achieves Industry First: Expands Virtualized RAN Capability to Support C-Band Massive MIMO Radio V

Samsung Breaks New Ground With Mass Production of Industry’s Smallest 0.64μm-Pixel Mobile Image Sensor V

Scientists demonstrate a better, more eco-friendly method to produce hydrogen peroxide

Scientists Make Quantum Germanium “Islands” Glow With Hundredfold Intensity

See the First Images NASA’s Juno Took As It Sailed by Ganymede

Smart RGB Lamp Controlled Via ESP NOW

Soldering Microscope From SLR Zoom Lens and TV Wall Mount

Stabilizing Gassy Electrolytes Could Make Ultra-Low Temperature Batteries Safer

Temperature Monitoring System Using Bolt IoT V

The Computers That Made Britain V

The RP2040 Raspberry Pi Pico Meets LoRa

Then There Were 3: NASA to Collaborate on ESA’s New Venus Mission V

TI bridges the high-speed and precision gap with new SAR ADC family, including the industry’s fastest 18-bit ADC

Tiny particles power chemical reactions

TSMC’s Chip Scaling Efforts Reach Crossroads at 2nm

Tuning The Energy Gap: A Novel Approach For Organic Semiconductors

Ultra-high-density hard drives made with graphene store ten times more data

3D printing tiny parts for big impact

A new dimension in the quest to understand dark matter

A new water treatment technology could also help Mars explorers

Adaptive Button Keyboard for Kids with Muscular Conditions

Ambarella, Lumentum and ON Semiconductor Collaborate on AI Processing Based 3D Sensing for Next-gen AIoT Devices

AMD Unveils RDNA 2-Based Mobile Graphics, New AMD Advantage Laptops, Broadly Compatible Upscaling Technology and More at Computex 2021

Arduboy Home V

Arduino UV index meter

ATtiny Game Boy

Australia Leads Project That Will Burst The Hubble Bubble

Automatic LED Stairway Lighting – Arduino Compatible V

Breakthrough in 3D magnetic nanostructures could transform modern-day computing

Developing a new AI early warning system for flooding

DIY 3V to 5V booster with 18650 battery

DIY heart rate monitor and pulse oximeter

DIY Non Contact IR Thermometer V1.0 V

DIY Studio Light/ Light Box V

E-Textile Logic Injector - Debugging Tool V

Electrochemical cell harvests lithium from seawater

Electrons Waiting For Their Turn: New Model Explains 3D Quantum Material

Engineers create a programmable fiber

Floating Water Quality Sensor

Gaharwar lab is lighting hydrogels via nanomaterials

Galileo satellites’ last step before launch

Gravitational wave search no humdrum hunt

Green light on gold atoms

Harmonious electronic structure leads to enhanced quantum materials

Home automation using Keypad V

How to Build 8x8x8 LED Cube V

How to control 16x16 WS2812 Led Matrix with Smartphone V

Infrared Remote Control Decoder & Switcher using Arduino V

Interfacing SSD1306 Based I2C 128x64 OLED Module With ATtiny85 Without Frame Buffer in Assembly Code

Is Earth’s core lopsided? Strange goings-on in our planet’s interior.

Light-Shrinking Material Lets Ordinary Microscope See in Super Resolution

Magnetic materials analysis has never been so comprehensible

Map integrity: Researchers explore ways to detect ‘deep fakes’ in geography

Micron Accelerates Breakthrough Platform Innovation With Advancements Across Industry’s First 176-Layer NAND and 1-Alpha DRAM

Microsoft acquires ReFirm Labs to enhance IoT security

Monitor Your Car Battery: Code & Setup V

Music PlayBox - ITTT

Nanomaterials with laser printing

NASA’s Curiosity Rover Captures Shining Clouds on Mars

NASA’s InSight Mars Lander Gets a Power Boost

NASA’s Juno to Get a Close Look at Jupiter’s Moon Ganymede V

NeuralPi: Raspberry Pi Guitar Pedal with Neural Networks V

New Method To Improve Durability Of Nano-Electronic Components To Help Further Semiconductor Manufacturing And Resilience

Nordic launches Apple Find My network compatible Software Development Kit

NXP Ramps Automotive Processing Innovation with Two Processors on TSMC 16nm FinFET Technology

OP Amp IC Tester V

PALPi Retro Game Console V

Phonon catalysis could lead to a new field

Portugal inaugurates undersea cable V

Predicting Solar Panel Voltage output with AI

Probing Deeper into Origins of Cosmic Rays


Rainbow Led Circuit Sculpture V

Raspberry Pi Pico Matrix Touchscreen Keyboard V

Raspberry Pi Pico with 16X2 LCD Display V

Raspberry Silicon update: RP2040 on sale now at $1

Remote Shutter Circuit : Pentax K1000 Film Camera

Rochester laser experiments demonstrate ‘helium rain’ likely falls in the solar system

Royole introduces world’s first micro-LED based stretchable display technology compatible with industrial manufacturing processes

Samsung Introduces Its First ZNS SSD With Maximized User Capacity and Enhanced Lifespan

Scientists overhear two atoms chatting

Self-Aware Materials Build the Foundation for Living Structures

Show CO2 Historical Level Curve With ESP32 V

Smart Farming System V

SpaceX launches new solar arrays to space station, nails rocket landing at sea V

STMicroelectronics First to Announce Certified Chipset for G3-PLC Hybrid Powerline and Wireless Communication

Study reveals new details on what happened in the first microsecond of Big Bang

The Powerhouse Future Is Flexoelectric

The Robot Smiled Back V

Tiny MIDI controller with Raspberry Pi Pico

Tooth fairy

Toshiba’s Triple-Gate IGBT Power Semiconductors Cut Switching Power Losses by 40.5%

UArizona Engineers Demonstrate a Quantum Advantage

UART Controlled Arduino UNO signal generator

Ultrasonic Welding Makes Parts for NASA Missions, Commercial Industry

Why deep freezing iron-based materials makes them both magnetic and superconducting

World’s Best Processor for Thin-and-Light Windows Laptops Just Got Better