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Infrared TV Remote Using ESP32(with Android App)

The remote control from my TV was worn out and beginning to malfunction. As it was an older model, a new remote could not be purchased. So, instead, I decided to make my own TV remote to replace it.
In this tutorial, we will make an InfraRed remote, using the ESP32, which can be controlled with my app on the Google Play Store ( The app will work with almost any microcontroller, but I decided to use the ESP32 as it has Bluetooth and Wi-Fi functionality along with the serial functionality of most microcontrollers. The programs in this tutorial are compatible with most Arduino based microcontrollers, so this project will work on most devices. For example, whilst building this I also created working remotes for the Arduino Uno and the Arduino Mega (although the pin numbers are different).
The finished remote has its own build in IR transmitter and receiver so it can be used to duplicate any other IR remote (just by receiving and storing the signals a TV would receive). This allowed me to back up my old TV remote so I will not permanently lose any of the functionality of my TV.


- A microcontroller (I used the ESP32)
- An IR transmitter and receiver (I used the 1838T receiver and a generic 1.2V IR LED)
- Resistors
- A switch or a button (I used a tactile push button, but it can be inconvenient)
- A 2N2222 Transistors
- USB cable for the microcontroller

Perfboard version:
- perfboard
- solid core wire
- female pin headers

Breadboard version:
- breadboard
- jumper cables

USB power bank”

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