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Turn your most boring wall into a big statement with this lavishly illuminated RGB decoration. It’s easy to assemble and looks phenomenal - and if you have an EmotiBit, it’ll even visualize your heartbeats and sweat spikes in perfectly synchronized pulses.

Bill of Materials:

10m LED channel w/ white diffuser, pref. black -
10m DotStar LED tape, 60 pixels/m -…
OR: 10m WS2812B (NeoPixel) LED tape, 60 pixels/m -
1x Node32S-style ESP32 module -
2.54mm headers -
1x 8-position 2.54mm-pitch terminal -
1x 2-position 5mm-pitch terminal -
1x 2.1mm barrel jack, PCB mount -
Stripboard -
Epoxy (I like JB Kwik-Weld) -
5V PSU w/ 2.1mm barrel plug 5A or higher -
1/2” wide double stick tape, at least 3m -
3D printer filament - I used carbon-fiber PLA -
Lots of wire, solder, and flux
Hot glue”

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