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Its iconic falling blocks are instantly recognizable to almost anyone, regardless of their interest in video games. But instead of using the blocks to clear lines, we are going to use them to tell time! This project draws out the digits of a clock using the classic Tetris shapes on a LED Matrix display.
Measuring in at roughly 19cm x 9.5cm, this is physically quite a large display which is very bright, so the result is incredibly eye catching.
Another twist with this project is, unlike traditional Arduino clock projects, it does not use a RTC module for keeping time, instead the time for the clock is set from the internet. One big advantage of this is that you only need to set your timezone and the clock will automatically display the correct time, it will even adjust for daylight savings.
This is a surprisingly easy project to put together that should only take a couple of hours in total, so armed with this guide you should have no excuses to not make one!”

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